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I can't believe I bought a fake... and it was for DS Christmas :-(

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ILoveToblerone Thu 25-Oct-12 14:11:24

Thinking I would save £20 on a DSi, I bought one from Eb*y only to find when it got delivered that it is a fake! I compared it with a friends and its just not right and the charger it came with, well I wouldn't plug it in it just looks unsafe. It was supposed to be delivered from London but instead came from Hong Kong.

And to resolve it I have to basically say to the seller you sold me a fake one - which I'm sure they realised since it said they had 10 or more to sell. I reported the item on Ebay and they have not even send me anything (no even automated) that it was received.

I'm annoyed that I got duped, it cost £78 and I could have bought one brand new on a major online retailer for £99 :-(
And I hate the thought of others ordering it and having the same happen to them.

I'm feeling so :-( now.

Naghoul Thu 25-Oct-12 14:13:26

ebay should side with you in a dispute.

I am surprised you didn't get an email. sad

lljkk Thu 25-Oct-12 14:14:32

You need to go to Ebay resolution centre & open a "Not as Described" dispute. Do it asap.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Thu 25-Oct-12 14:14:50

Email Ebay again and request a response asap.

Have you lodged a dispute?

ILoveToblerone Thu 25-Oct-12 14:56:55

I will open a dispute when I get home. I will take photos too.

Thanks for the responses.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Thu 25-Oct-12 16:06:23

Hopefully a dispute will be acknowledged by both eBay and the seller.

Did you pay via paypal?

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