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Do any supermarket gift vouchers/stamps pay for petrol?

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Wiggy29 Fri 19-Oct-12 19:41:06

Thinking of asking for supermarket vouchers from parents/ in laws for crimbo but are there any that you could use to pay for petrol too? We have a Sainsburys, Morrisons, Tesco and Asda all nearby.

boringnamechange Sat 20-Oct-12 11:59:59

I know you can at sainsburys. A friend bought something for me and I gave her the money but then had to return it to store. Got a gift card and then needed petrol so used it with no bother.

LadyKooKoo Tue 23-Oct-12 13:28:24

Tesco did a year ago but double check as Tesco points are better than Nectar points in my opinion.

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