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Check your weights and measures before making it a bargin

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bacon Sun 14-Oct-12 08:21:53

I have noticed this - 1kg cornflakes in sainbos own brand but other shops will do it in 750g for the biggest box.

Value brands also watch this.

Your bill may be cheaper but the contents are also less!

GreeenFingers Sun 14-Oct-12 13:31:32

Yes, a lot of cleaning materials are sold in 500ml bottles but look the same as the i ltr ones. Pund shops are clever at this sort of thing. They sell dilute plant food ( call it budget )and other such things.

Theas18 Sun 14-Oct-12 13:47:54

Totally agree! Especially relevent to pound shops, who have many lines packaged for them. A "bottle" of shampoo that's 1/3 smaller may not be a bargain at all.

Trills Sun 14-Oct-12 13:48:40

Price per 100g is what it's all about.

fussychica Sun 14-Oct-12 16:36:22

Totally agree with you Trills. All the supermarkets are guilty of this - you do need to check best value every time you buy.

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