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Phone/Sky/internet tips

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travellingtime Thu 11-Oct-12 09:40:19

HI, we have a sky package which I think costs us about £50/month. ISH.
My DH is very good at calling them now and again to tell them how we are thinking about ditching the deal and going elsewhere at which point they make you an offer you can't refuse.
ANyway, we have phone, internet and Sky plus all throught them. We both have mobile phones (one each work one and I have a personal one too), so the phone is not really needed except that we need a phone line for the internet and also for the sky ( i think)
Is there a cheaper way of doing it - For me, we could lose the 'premium' channels that we have which are sports and movies but i would miss the recordable element of sky plus
any tips???

Mum2Fergus Thu 11-Oct-12 09:55:02

Im in process if doing same - SKY down from £60ish (Sports, movies and HD) to £26 (entertainment extra). Phone and internet with BT, both have personal mobiles and I have a work one too. Need Broadband as work from home and need secure connection. I know I could get it cheaper but scared new provider isnt compatible with work firewall sad my bro is a SKY engineer, you dont need phone connected to box except for Box Office etc. But you can just call them and they will add on manually for you as opposex to sending signal.

fergoose Thu 11-Oct-12 13:46:52

I called and cancelled my TV package entirely - they phoned back 2 weeks later and offered free TV plus movies and sports for 4 months, just need to cancel it again in 4 months. If they don't offer free tv in 4 months I won't upgrade to pay for it again.

You can pay about tenner a month for recordable & pausing functions of sky but waste of money - better to buy a freesat recordable box for about £100 and just plug it in where sky box was. That is what I will do if they don't offer me a freebie again.

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