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Is this typical?

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ZigZagWanderer Mon 08-Oct-12 21:31:17

Everyday I find I'm spending money on something.
We are always running out of stuff and feel I'm in the shop everyday. Bread and milk every other day.
I try to go a day without spending but something comes up no matter how small.
I feel as if I have a spending problem, even though I rarely treat myself, if I do it's an eBay jobbie.
Today I ordered vitamins which ended up being £20, that was including discounts.
Yesterday it was a gift for a friend having a baby.
Basically, do other people find or is it just me?

ZigZagWanderer Thu 25-Oct-12 13:22:13

I'm trying no spend days, it helps. Sticking to meal plans is taking some getting used to, I try to plan the day before at least.

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