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Cheap bubble bath?

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Wiggy29 Sat 06-Oct-12 17:12:17

At the moment I'm using Morrisons own brand, about 79p for quite a big bottle. Not bothered if it gives loads of bubble but like quite strong smelling ones where the smell fills the room. We go through a bottle a week (ish) so thought if I could find some super cheap ones I'd stock up.

PotteringAlong Sat 06-Oct-12 17:13:57

I use the asda baby one - it's lavender and smells lovely! £1.50 for 2 bottles

chickydoo Sat 06-Oct-12 17:16:53

Tesco value 1 litre 49p

Whitecherry Sat 06-Oct-12 17:17:31

Asda smartprice is 40p

I sometimes secant it into the 'matey' bottle! grin

Whitecherry Sat 06-Oct-12 17:17:46


noisytoys Sat 06-Oct-12 17:19:03

My dd has a never ending Peppa pig bubble bath. It's 11p baby bath but she is happy because it's in Peppa smile

PotteringAlong Sat 06-Oct-12 17:20:13

I'm also not someone who is sneery at lovely bath stuff as a birthday / Christmas present! I save it through the year for when I'm having a lovely vbath as opposed to just getting clean!

Wiggy29 Sat 06-Oct-12 17:29:54

Noisy- where do you get the 11p stuff from?

Will give Asda's a go- thanks smile

Pochemuchka Sat 06-Oct-12 17:33:50

I do the same as whitecherry! We currently have tesco value decanted into the three different Matey bottles smile

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 06-Oct-12 18:16:09

Sainsburys do cheap bubblebath too, their own brand is all BUAV approved as completely cruelty free.

SlinkyPebbles Sat 06-Oct-12 22:29:22

Which of these is good bubbles-wise? My two like lots!

forevergreek Mon 08-Oct-12 09:45:59

Radox is £1 in many places. One bottle lasts forever so works out cheaper in the end ( ours lasts months, but shower half the week, prob used 2/3 times a week for say 4 months on average)

toriap2 Tue 09-Oct-12 07:49:50

Aldi ginger one is amazing! Loads of bubbles and a really nice smell. And very cheap smile

germyrabbit Tue 09-Oct-12 07:51:51

you can get really cheap radox in places like savers, really really cheap bubble bath is awful, makes my skin itch really bad, there's weird shite in them

racingheart Wed 17-Oct-12 19:42:33

You can get gorgeous smelling foreign bubbles in 99p stores. I'm currently using a Spanish Johnson's lemon verbena and limes one. Love the smell.

Asinine Wed 17-Oct-12 19:48:13

If anyone just wants the smell but not bubbles, wilkos lavender essential oil is about 80p a bottle and lasts for about a month as you just need a few drops.

Pootles2010 Fri 19-Oct-12 12:05:34

Oh i was wondering about that. Saw Sainsbos have v cheap baby stuff but didn't say anything about 'no tears' which is important as we have enough tantrums as it is! Any ideas?

cozietoesie Tue 23-Oct-12 09:51:29

Have a quick look on the Sainsbury's website. It will tell you in the product description (click on the product) whether it's 'no tears'.

I have to say that I would buy the Sainsbury's 76p creme bath (and the shower cream and soap) out of choice even if it wasn't so cheap, Lovely smell and feel.

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