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Food cupboard basics

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Not for now, because I am extra specially skint at the minute, but for payday...anyway:

What are the basics for your food cupboard, based on making most meals from scratch, i have a slow cooker if that makes any difference...planning to maybe stock up the cupboard on a monthly basis, could possibly go fortnightly though but prefer monthly, that way i can just do fresh goodies on a weekly basis

TYWM smile

countydurhamlass Mon 24-Sep-12 17:28:52

i always do a monthly shop and stock up on
pasta and pasta sauce
rice - u can make savoury or sweet dishes with it
flour and yeast - i can then make pizza bases, yorkshire puddings or cakes and biscuits
tinned peas, beans, spagetti, etc (i always keep a couple of tinned carrots for emergencies but usually use fresh)
i bulk buy mince then split up and freeze, i can then make lasagne, bolognaise, mince and gravy or chilli

Japple Mon 24-Sep-12 17:55:34

" Eat Better for Less Money" -by the Great Chef,James Beard.We would never
have had a Catering Business without all of his Books.Our Larder is exactly as
he recommended,plus our wines,and our little tins.This book lists Everything a
cook must have-from staples,equipment,measurements,wines,techniques and
a ton of easy,fine,excellent recipes.Amazon carries All of his much-treasured
books.As one wears out,we buy another.Jill.

eslteacher Mon 24-Sep-12 18:14:28

Chopped tomatoes
Tomato puree
Kidney beans

Dry goods
Stock cubes (chicken and beef)
Pasta (spaghetti, bows, lasagna sheets)
Rice (basmati, risotto)
Massive array of dried herbs and spices

White wine

Veg rack

Various oils
Various vinegars
Soy sauce
Worcestershire sauce

Chicken breasts
Minced beef
Green beans

...obviously that's not everything I ever buy, but rather the stuff I always like to have on hand.

Stuff I make often:

Risottos: chicken and bacon, sausage and pea, cheese and bacon
Pasta: spag bol, lasagna, carbonara, tuna bake, creamy tomato
Chicken: in various roux based or tomato based sauces , stuffed with cheese, various curries, fajitas, various stir fries
Mince: Chili, burgers, meatballs
Other: quiche, omelette, potatoes with tuna/cheese, jambalaya, french bread pizza, garlic bread, sausage and mash with gravy

racingheart Tue 25-Sep-12 11:08:28

Buy cheap pasta and rice in bulk from Lidl or Aldi.

Meat on offer goes straight into the freezer:
Chicken drums and thighs are usually £2 a pack - enough for a family of four. Use these for chicken casseroles, chinese chicken, chicken curries, roast with garlic and herbs.

White frozen basics fish enough for two-three meals for a family of four - good for fish pie; kedgeree; dusted in seasoned flour or home made tempura (flour and water paste!) and fried in goujons.

Mince - shop around. Sometimes the super lean stuff is cheaper than fatty basic mince if on a 3 for 2 offer or similar - useful for chillis, home made meatballs and burgers, shepherd's pie. I can make one pack last for two meals by adding lots of veg to the sauce.

Frozen peas, mixed veg, spinach cubes - always fresh and can't go off at the bottom of the fridge!

Buy basics flour and sunflower cheap brand marge for home made cakes. pastry, biscuits, crumbles etc.

Tinned: tomatoes or passata; sweetcorn, baked beans.

Garlic puree is cheaper and neater than lots of cloves of garlic. Tomato puree is a quick cheap way to make pizza base.

Always have a basic mild curry mix and mixed herbs in the house, at least, to flavour dishes, if all the separate spices are too much.

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