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We're over halfway there - saving our way through July 2012

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Leilandri Sat 30-Jun-12 22:47:48

We've done over 6 months of penny-pinching, practical, prudent, scrimping money-saving. Well done to us grin

June didn't end too badly for me overall, not going to total it up tho
I hope the weather in July is better than it has been - plenty of NSD's at the allotment would be lovely.

milk Sun 22-Jul-12 16:45:58

nkf hugs! How are you planning your finance atm?

jenduck- fight the temptation!

So today is another NSD and I'm selling stuff on ebay grin I think my need to be a shopaholic is behind me (I pray).

nkf Sun 22-Jul-12 16:47:42

Thanks, Milk.
Budgetting but something always seems to happen. I guess not planning for unexpected. And not meal planning properly. The thing is I don't cook every meal so that can get a bit muddled. The summer will be better.

milk Sun 22-Jul-12 16:53:51

nkf- As for meal planning- I plan half my week of meals, then I keep stuff in the freezer for when food runs out/I cba to cook smile

And before you think I am a good saver... the only thing that is getting me through this no spending is the thought of saving up and buying something awesome grin

artifarti Sun 22-Jul-12 19:47:12

The weekend started well with a NSD on Friday but then I sent DP to buy some sausages for a BBQ and he managed to spend £23 shock and then today we went out for the day which cost quite a bit with lunch (although we had bought a rare scratchcard and won £20 so that covered some!)

Planning for a Ready Steady Cook kind of week, using up what's in the cupboard/fridge/freezer as much as possible. Does anyone fancy sharing meal plans for inspiration?

I have also committed myself to doing surveys again although I hate them! I am currently signed up to Valued Opinions (good), Annabel Karmel Mother and Baby (I hardly ever qualify hmm) and YouGov (they hardly ever send one!) Are there any other good ones?

Here's to a stingy week ahead! wine

milk Sun 22-Jul-12 20:06:21

wine to a stingy week indeed artifarti smile

economymode Sun 22-Jul-12 20:09:40

Jen,I may have mentioned Good Food earlier blush. Was having some, ahem, issues with the link!

nfk - I used to end up feeling like you, but somehow, in the last couple of months I've managed to really curtail unnecessary spending. As others have suggested, write down every little thing you spend money. And try to stick to a meal plan, although I appreciate that it's not as simple for you (house share?).

And don't feel bad about things happening that are out of your control - I had a few months like that and yes, we had to use money from savings, but I reasoned that as long as I knew that I was doing my best, then I shouldn't feel bad. It's not as if you're out splurging on flat screen TVs, designer clothes and expensive jewellery...We save for a reason and that reason is to help us out when our day-to-day finances can't stretch far enough. What I'm saying, is don't beat yourself up. Some things you just can't control.

economymode Sun 22-Jul-12 20:26:58

arti, I got a £10 Amazon voucher from Valued Opinions just the other day smile. I prefer actual cash in my account, but a voucher does mean I can legitimately treat myself.

Other good survey sites I use are Opinion Bar (give you cash and occasionally offer you the opportunity to test products (we got £15 for testing some bottles) ) and BBC Brand Impact (pay in Amazon vouchers). I've also just signed up to Nectar's survey site but not had anything through from them yet. I'm also a member of Bounty Word of Mum and Toluna but I never bother to do them, tbh. I just stick with a few and the rewards gradually add up.

milk Mon 23-Jul-12 08:01:56

Good morning grin The sun is shining grin I hope this will make it easier to not spend money, such as taking my son to the park smile

jenduck Mon 23-Jul-12 08:29:54

Morning all! Sun shining here too smile

Should only spend £1 on milk for DS2 today. Do need other bits, but not desperately & can wait until Child Benefit comes tomorrow. Also have somebody coming for a filing cabinet I am selling on Gumtree, so that will be £15 earned. Will also wipe our old Blackberries to send tonight, should get about £50 for those.

artifarti, I do all manner of surveys & get quite a good return! I do Valued Opinions & usually get £60-80 per year in vouchers (used to be Tesco, now Sainsbury's). pay cash, don't get those very often but had one for £50 once. Brand Impact & Bounty Word of Mum like Economymode. Annabel Karmel (been with them a few months & just had first payout of £6 Paypal). Tesco Shopper Thoughts pay in Clubcard points, I probably get about 250 points per quarter with these (so £10 if spent on Clubcard deals) Some sites are not survey sites as such but you can test products for them for free, I am often getting nappies, cat food, cleaning stuff, clothes to test (haven't bought nappies for about 2 months atm) - Tesco Home Panels, Tesco Mum's Choice, Supersavvy circle. None of these are amazing on their own, but they all add up & are often a nice surprise when I thought I had run out of money & can claim some Paypal etc!

Hope you all have a good day

economymode Mon 23-Jul-12 09:12:04

Oh yes, had forgotten about Panelpase - had several £s off them too. Also had some freebies from SuperSavvyMe, but don't have as much luck as Jen!

Today should be minimal spend - biking across town to a park for a picnic with a friend. Although not too sure what to take for the boy who refuses to eat (teeth pain).

Happy (sunny) day, everyone!

jenduck Mon 23-Jul-12 09:19:47

Economy, my DS2 has just had a horrendous week of teething & I found one thing he would eat was jars of baby food, as I think they are quite sloppy & not much chewing required. Also easily portable. Plus ice-cream for those gums! Not sure about finger foods, DS2 prefers spoon foods, the lazy tike!

milk Mon 23-Jul-12 12:38:55

Epic spending fail sad

I'm giving up today and trying again tomorrow smile

milk Tue 24-Jul-12 07:16:05

Today is a NSD sad No where near as fun as yesterday sad

economymode Wed 25-Jul-12 08:39:08

Yesterday was a good day - just £1 on hospital parking (12 week scan appointment). Scan pics should have been £10 but because they couldn't change my £20 note into 2 £10s for the machine, they gave me a token for free, hurrah!

jenduck Wed 25-Jul-12 11:05:26

I take it your scan went well, economy? It always feels like a landmark to reach 12 weeks & a bonus to get free pictures!

Had quite a spendy day yesterday as child benefit came & needed some bits for the freezer. So spent about £17 in Tesco, but for that got meat for about 10 main meals, some cookies & croissants and a few other essentials such as bananas, yoghurts & cheese. Should only need to do top-up shops now until next payday. Also got DH an anniversary for our 8th wedding anniversary & found some Bollinger in the cupboard that we had been given ages ago, which nicely complemented our chippy pie & chips dinner grin

Have just been to Co-op with boys, but walked rather than take the car as it saves diesel & keeps them occupied for a while! Spent just under £4 for eggs & mushrooms. Will pop to Tesco again later as have ordered a water table for the boys £20 down to £9.80, did it through cashback so 45p there & clubcard points smile

Have also just received our Prezzo tokens through the post, so will hand boys over to my parents on Saturday night & go there, hugely looking forward to it! Might look for a new maxi dress at Tesco later to wear...

Hope everyone is not melting in this heat

economymode Thu 26-Jul-12 12:06:21

Yes, scan went well - thanks Jen. Due 29th January.

Now, back to money issues. Doing quite well so far - top up in Aldi yesterday for fruit and veg (£5 something).

Bike ride with son along river and through the meadow this morning (free). Probably a trip to local farm shop where they have playground and farm animals this pm (only costs what you spend in the shop/cafe).

AdoraBell Thu 26-Jul-12 23:19:31

That farm shop sounds lovely Economy and I'm glad your scan went well.

Had 3 (yes, three) NSD's here, but tomorrow I plan to blow the gift card I was given recently, I'm in need of extravagance this week. Still nothing coming in, DDs are now really learning the value of every peso. Stopped in a sweet shop after school as they have friends over and I refused to sub them. Told a blatant little white lie and said I have nothing, 3 times.

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