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Please tell me what to buy from Aldi and what to buy from Lidl

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StealthPolarBear Wed 25-Jan-12 16:53:43

I am going to give both a try. Trouble is in my mind they are the same, so I know we have one in one town and one near where I used to work but can't remember which is which. I also see people on here saying things are good (washing powder?) but can't remember which.

So I need a definitive list, please. Two children, no babies, no pets (though I'm happy for that stuff to go on for reference smile)

BaconAndAvocado Thu 10-Jul-14 22:50:39

Everything that cromwell said.

AND I love the Moser Roth milk chocolate bars, pure heaven when dipped in tea!

Pimms-a-likey Austin's is also great.

My local Aldi is expanding............very very excited!

Oh, and the fresh flowers are fab! 10 roses for £2!!!

cromwell44 Wed 09-Jul-14 20:55:28

Gavi not Gavin! I don't know what he's like smile

cromwell44 Wed 09-Jul-14 20:54:09

No Lidl near us so only have Aldi near us. We are the advert cliche, we keep going back because most of what we have bought has been lovely. We used to have Ocado but I can't bring myself to pay their prices now, especially on fruit and veg.
Good stuff from Aldi are bananas, cherry and vine tomatoes, lettuce, pink lady apples, all sorts of berries and sof fruit, grapes, peppers and aubergine. The price allows me to buy so much more lovely fruit.
We also buy the faux twix, Milky Way type bars for lunch boxes, biscuits good, nuts and cartons of orange and apple juice for lunchboxes - about £1 for six cartons. Bread, chicken , beef mince, pulled pork, salmon fillets and ham also like and buy regularly. Cheese, milk etc are fine but so far not found a Clover substitute.
frozen - quorn brand products, pizzas, ice cream and salmon fillets. Not tried ready meals yet.
All the wine we've had has been good the Gavin, French and Chilean Sauvignon Blanc particularly.
I love that shopping is quick, less choice and fripperies, just get the proper food you need and you don't feel ripped off.
I only Wish I didn't have to drive 10 miles to get there.

Icantcook Wed 09-Jul-14 20:01:50

I like their own brand toothpaste and mouthwash
Almat laundry liquid
Magnum washing up liquids
Turkey mince
Potatoes for jacket potatoes
Lamb chops

Refuse sacks
Orange juice in cartons

catgirl80 Sun 22-Jun-14 22:20:25

Used to shop Sainsbury's and would spend £80 per week and I can get same in Aldi for £50. Tastes the same and is good quality and we are fussy about having good quality food. Certainly not just for junk food. We eat very little processed food. It is hard to navigate around, aisles are narrow and you have to pack straight into the trolley not bags which is weird at first (staff are on targets to get so many customers through tills). Cleaning and toiletries very cheap and great for things like dips and meats. Fresh veg ok but choice can be a bit limited. You won't find more unusual stuff like redbush or green tea there. Generally I would say it is very good and quality same as the big supermarkets. Their cereals and ketchup taste different to the big brands but still ok. I also like their pizzas and "specially selected" range of quiches and stir in pasta sauces

denig2000 Tue 17-Jun-14 19:25:04

I praise Aldi in Ireland and the UK their fruit and veg are superior to Supermarkets. My local is excellent for all food stuffs. the only product so far I won't buy which I have tried at both Aldi and Lidl is their baked beans. They taste different to either UK shop own brand and especially to Heinz. Not the same taste at all. My local Lidl puts freshly baked store bread and rolls out every day. Aldi have a bigger selection overall. Considering I have worked in food manufacturing most of my woring life and knowing who makes what, I dont think I will be doing a full week's shop in the big UK supermarkets anymore as Aldi and Lidl are selling the exact same product at at least 1/3 cheaper. Need I say more! Well done.

toptramp Sat 29-Sep-12 22:55:15

Today Lidl has fresh salmon fillets on offer. 2 fillets for £1.25! Delcicious and exactly the same as Tescos which sell 2 fillets for £4.00. I bought 4 packets at Lidls' today. That was only £1.00 dearer than 1 packet of Tescos salmon!

EndoJ Wed 19-Sep-12 21:39:05

I really love Aldi, and i think i prefer it to Lidl. There are a few things to avoid, but not many. You can even get free range chickens there, which is brill.
I am a student and wish i had them where i live. Lidl does nice facial wipes for only 75p... instead of £3 everywhere else.
Fruit at Aldi is good, love the instore baked rolls in Lidl.
I think it's Lidl that does tasty pizzas at just 99p, the veggie one is my faveourite. I also love Norpak butter, which is a spin on the expensive Lurpak.

ivykaty44 Thu 09-Feb-12 19:30:10


chocolate - they do a good 70 and 80% dark chocolate, it is a good quality

weetbix - there own brand are just as good as any other own brand

jams - good but less fruit

peppermint tea - I rather like

sardines in tomato sauce - lovely

tuna - no no

olive oil - good
sunflower oil - good

pineapples/banana/apples pears - good and good price

avocado - excellent, better than any other supermarket

cucumbers/tomato/carrots/leeks/cauligflower - good produce at a good price

mandarines - ok

greek style yogurt - excellent and very good value

bread flour - decent loaf from this flour
sultanas - good

tilet roll, depends which you get soem are good value soem are not. But I find tesco own brand 9 for 1.99 the best value.

toothpaste - ok strange taste

liquid soap - good value and nice smell

washing liquid - fine

GnocchiGnocchiWhosThere Tue 07-Feb-12 11:38:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GnocchiGnocchiWhosThere Tue 07-Feb-12 11:36:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ponders Sat 04-Feb-12 21:11:40

This led to a fantastic price war before Christmas over here. Was it the same in the UK?. Pineapples 15c, Melons 15c bags of brussels 15c.

no, it wasn't the same here envy grin

those huge packs of loo rolls (Cushelle?) Lidl have sometimes - 24 rolls for £6 or £7 - are fantastic - last time they were on I missed them, I will be quicker next time. I don't generally find Lidl's branded products are a particularly good price though, apart from the 4-packs of Branston beans at 99p.

MrsWalton Sat 04-Feb-12 17:35:24

I have been a Lidl shopper for a couple of years now. The nearest Aldi was a very grubby one. Recently a new Aldi has opened even closer to home and i am in the process of deciding which products are best in each store. So the shiney new Aldi is more convenient but, i am used to, and a little loyal to Lidl.

Lidl and Aldi have their own brands but Lidl also stock some more recognisable brands also. They have increased the offer of known brands, i believe in an effort to encourage a 'fuller' weekly shop from customers. Aldi's offer is only their own brands.

Aldi also pretty much leads on price. e.g. Aldi sell 1l skimmed milk for 85c Lidl reduces their one to 85c, Tesco took about 4 weeks to cop on and theirs is now also 85c. (i'm in Ireland BTW)

Both stores are good for veg, far better and fresher than Tescos. I think Lidl have a broader range of veg. Aldi's Super 6 are excellent value, and they are a moveable feast. If any other store undercuts them, they undercut again. Instantly. This led to a fantastic price war before Christmas over here. Was it the same in the UK?. Pineapples 15c, Melons 15c bags of brussels 15c. Because of this policy they have stopped printing the Super 6 prices on the leaflet because they reduce them daily depending on what the competition do.

Tesco meat is overpriced and vile. Both Aldi and Lidl are good for cold meats, parma ham, choritzo, ham etc. My butcher is always the best value for my fresh meat.

I would much prefer Lidl's offer on toilet paper and kitchen roll. Quality and quantity it is much better value than Aldi. I have tried both washing tablets and found Lidl to be much better than Aldis. (I use one to boil my kitchen cloths on the hob and you can see the difference, the lidl one froths and cleans.

I have yet to try Aldi's pasta, rice etc. But I have used and would recommend Lidls egg tagliatlle, basmati rice, cous cous. Great value and excellent quality.

Aldi's bacon (rashers) are the cheapest and the tastiest. Aldi also has a great Greek yoghurt. I have switched tin foil and firelighters to Aldi aswell.

Cheese is excellent in both stores.

Aldi's baking section is very good. Spices in both stores are good.

Because Aldi leads on price, I will do as much of my shop in Aldi's, then Lidl, using their special offer leaflets as much as possible. I will use coupons and deals and a few rare brands in Tescos or Dunnes Stores.

OK I'm begining to bore myself now. Sorry.

Iloveautumn Wed 01-Feb-12 12:35:06

Lidl - parmesan cheese
jar olives
CHOCOLATE - hard to find better than Lidl chocolate
fruit and veg - make sure fresh in, but quality usu v good
recycled toilet roll

StealthPolarBear Wed 01-Feb-12 12:31:15

It does sound excitingsmile There is an actual live dragon letting cars in and out of the tesco car park which is why it tkes so damn long to get out!

Indith Wed 01-Feb-12 12:25:30

Sounds great doesn't it. I won't burst your bubble grin.

Ponders Wed 01-Feb-12 12:02:08

you shop at Dragonville???

Is that at the end of Diagon Alley?

sounds much more exciting than round here grin

Indith Wed 01-Feb-12 11:42:44

How rubbish! She got the tummy bug that ds had last week. Am really hoping I can send her tomorrow!

We tend to use Langely Moor but depends on what you need, Arnison or Tesco can be good if you need to combine the shops.

StealthPolarBear Wed 01-Feb-12 11:36:15

What's up with her? I am meant to be off work but am working anyway sad

StealthPolarBear Wed 01-Feb-12 11:35:20

Oh I didn't realise that. I tend not to use that Tesco as it takes so long to get there and roads can be busy. So probably won't use that aldi. But I thought arnison was aldi until I got there, now I know it's lidl i'll probably use the langley moor one smile

Indith Wed 01-Feb-12 11:33:55

And no I am not stalking you I'm just bored and posting everywhere because dd is off nursery again and keeps screaming at me if I try to interact with her.

Indith Wed 01-Feb-12 11:33:00

Oh and Lidl at the moment have 1l bottles of extra virgin olive oil for £2.99.

Indith Wed 01-Feb-12 11:31:43

What do you mean no Aldi? Aldi is next to Tesco at Dragonville. Lidl is at Langley Moor or the Arnison.

StealthPolarBear Wed 01-Feb-12 10:45:38

envy no aldi here

NotVictoriaBeckham Wed 01-Feb-12 09:48:26

I have been watching this thread with interest and getting rather overexcited about my trip to Aldi. Today was the big day, and what a day it was! £50 spent, got tons of food including whole free range chicken, 2decent looking bottles of red that seem to have won prizes (3.99 each), extra virgin olive oil, fair trade coffee, hams, pizzas, cheese, & much more. It was great, can't wait to try everything. Good thing I don't have car otherwise I would have bought waaaay too much grin

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