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Please tell me what to buy from Aldi and what to buy from Lidl

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StealthPolarBear Wed 25-Jan-12 16:53:43

I am going to give both a try. Trouble is in my mind they are the same, so I know we have one in one town and one near where I used to work but can't remember which is which. I also see people on here saying things are good (washing powder?) but can't remember which.

So I need a definitive list, please. Two children, no babies, no pets (though I'm happy for that stuff to go on for reference smile)

serin Sat 28-Jan-12 15:20:23

Don't like Lidl at all! but Aldi is great. (Even if they did put butter up by 25p in a week).

The veg at our Lidl is well past its best and I personally wouldn't touch the meat or ready meals there. Sorry Santa but we tried their lasagne once on holiday and it was beyond vile. The onlythingI like istheir lunch packs of juice as they contain 250ml when mostonly have 200ml.

Aldi is wonderful and you can get free range chicken and eggs in our branch.

Churches alcoholic ginger beer is lovely.

fiodyl Sat 28-Jan-12 15:34:29

Lidl do nice magnum-like ice creams, especially the white choc/strawberry ice cream ones

StealthPolarBear Sat 28-Jan-12 15:35:18

Right, making a shopping list and plan tonight. Is it realistic to go in with a 5 and 2yo? Will look at that website too, thanks to whoever recommended it

awomenscorned Sat 28-Jan-12 15:39:44

Are you going to Lidl stealth - if yes, be warned the Lidl trollies don't have straps my two year old climbs out

StealthPolarBear Sat 28-Jan-12 15:45:39

No was going to also for reasons too dull to go into. My 2yo not a climber tho so I should be safe either way. smile so they do have trollies with child seats?
Do they have toilets? said 2yo is potty training!

Sudaname Sat 28-Jan-12 15:45:54

Didnt Aldi face cream knock Boots Perfect and Protect (the one the big fuss was about 'as seen on tv' etc) off the top spot last year.

Mind you l could have dreamt it !

Blatherskite Sat 28-Jan-12 15:54:57

I've tried Aldi a few times but the last time I went I came out to find two dodgy looking blokes staring at my car! It's really put me off.

Our Aldi is in quite a dodgy area though

Lidl's miles away though. I'd spend whatever I saved in fuel just getting there are back

Piffpaffpoff Sat 28-Jan-12 16:18:25

Just back from Aldi and I would recommend.....(for taste and/or super-cheapness compared to Tesco)

Moser Roth chocolate
All the cereals
Hovis loaf - 66p!!
Fruit and veg
Wafer thin honey roast ham
Bags of salted cashew nuts
Smoked cheese
Free range eggs
Chocolate coated butter biscuits
Dreem bars -Aldi's milky way bars
All dried pasta

Today I also bought their own brand ketchup. This may be a step too far but as its more than half the price of Heinz, I'm willing to give it a go! I am on a mission to cut down my weekly supermarket spend and I'm onto week 2 of doing my main shop at Aldi and topping up with specific branded stuff (diet coke, etc) from Tesco. I reckon I'm down about 40% so far grin.

Ponders Sat 28-Jan-12 17:14:20

fiodyl, DS2 would sell his soul for a box of those vanilla/strawberry ice cream lollies grin

serin, my Lidl does Welsh butter (red packet) which is lovely & not a bad price, & their chilled curries are v good (have a look at the ingredients list)

piffpaffpoff, the same DS2 who adores the Lidl lollies is the pickiest soul alive as far as ketchup is concerned & even he will - grudgingly - make do with Aldi so you should be OK smile

hungryallthetime Sat 28-Jan-12 20:38:56

We're not near Aldi but I got to Lidl weekly to supplement supermarket shop I buy jam, cheap mozzarella(for children!), Philadelphia substitute (strange name, blue tub, classic variety!), Parmesan, olive oil, prosciutto, the best smoked salmon, fruit and veg, big tubs of deliciously rich Greek yoghurt, non-bio washing powder (was previously buying Boots own sensitive skin powder but our skin is coping well with Lidl own powder). And any other weird and wonderful things that catch my eye! grin

awomenscorned Sat 28-Jan-12 20:40:03

Sorry stealth not sure re toilets but I don't think so. smile

awomenscorned Sat 28-Jan-12 20:42:49

Has anymore tried basics range from sainsburys, I think the quality if fabulous and very cheap.

Teabags 30p!!! and lovley
soap filled sourers
bag of mixed peppers
cheese slices
cleaning spray 70p

Ponders Sat 28-Jan-12 21:01:36


awomenscorned Sat 28-Jan-12 21:02:12

Yes bottled water.

Ponders Sat 28-Jan-12 21:05:35

If I was going to buy water I don't think I'd buy Basics! Surely it'll be bottled tap water?

awomenscorned Sat 28-Jan-12 21:06:20

You haven't tasted the water where we are then. wink

Ponders Sat 28-Jan-12 21:08:50

ah, well, I admit I am going by ours which is v nice

if you had our tap water in Basics bottles it'd be worth it smile

ILoveGreggsSausageRolls Sat 28-Jan-12 21:16:10

I shop in Aldi and love it. You'd be suprised at some the own brands are actually well known brands;

Norpack butter = Lurpack
Lacura = Nivea
Abbotts and Broome shower gel = Dove

(my friend used to be a store manager wink)

I also think the fruit and veg is excellent, as is the meat.

How did you get in OP?

TheSydenhamSet Sat 28-Jan-12 22:07:16

lidl cereal vile - very sweet and none fortified, as far as i can remember. aldi cereals gorgeous - esp like their unsweetened mueslies. i adore aldi. very good quality at fantastic prices. like their baking section which is well stocked.
lidl cheddar and mozerella good. and like their pesto too.

StealthPolarBear Sun 29-Jan-12 07:41:16

Still not been! I have tried sains basics but found fresh stuff, esp those bags of peppers go bad v quicly

StealthPolarBear Sun 29-Jan-12 13:49:49

Dammir, just driven to 'aldi' to find its actually lidl. All my planning, wasted

ReduceRecycleRegift Sun 29-Jan-12 13:52:03

Aldi's ben and Jerrys rip off is good, and Lidl's green tea is nice and individually wrapped so handy for bringing to work

awomenscorned Sun 29-Jan-12 16:47:57

Did you buy anything stealth?

devonhorns Sun 29-Jan-12 17:01:53

Never been disappointed with any aldi items. All my lot love it.
Their fresh fruit and veg is great.
Tins of tomatoes, filter coffer (fair trade) and cereals all brill.
My Cat still only likes Felix or whisks, so no good for my fussy cat.

catsmother Sun 29-Jan-12 18:48:35

Went in an Aldi yesterday .... en route somewhere else, unfortunately, too far to travel to regularly ..... and they had 2 pts semi skimmed milk for 78p. Also, bought box of 16 non applicator tampons for 49p. Have no idea - yet - if they're any good, but compared to £2+ for Lillets that's a huge saving.

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