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Please tell me what to buy from Aldi and what to buy from Lidl

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StealthPolarBear Wed 25-Jan-12 16:53:43

I am going to give both a try. Trouble is in my mind they are the same, so I know we have one in one town and one near where I used to work but can't remember which is which. I also see people on here saying things are good (washing powder?) but can't remember which.

So I need a definitive list, please. Two children, no babies, no pets (though I'm happy for that stuff to go on for reference smile)

TheSecondComing Wed 25-Jan-12 18:08:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ponders Wed 25-Jan-12 18:10:21

basic, value etc ranges do cost the same as Aldi (exactly the same hmm) but I reckon the quality of Aldi's stuff is equivalent to the regular supermarket brand

ReduceRecycleRegift Wed 25-Jan-12 18:13:17

yes I agree the quality is much better than Sainsbos basic and regular ranges, but the biggest saving I find is there's no impulse buys or dodgy 3 for 2 deals tempting me in aldi/lidl. I stick to my list more there than in the bigger ones

StealthPolarBear Wed 25-Jan-12 20:58:41

Thank you everyone this is really helpful. I'll let you know how I get on, will be interesting to see how much I save

SantaIsAnAnagramOfSatan Thu 26-Jan-12 09:25:38

seem to remember lidl doing very good 'ready' meals - as in large family size lasagnes that actually tasted like lasagne rather than water and sludge as ready made often does.

they do really nice pesto and mozarella thin pizzas.

admit i haven't been to either for a long time. i don't drive and live rurally now so am dependent on using supermarkets that deliver - easiest round here is tesco.

SantaIsAnAnagramOfSatan Thu 26-Jan-12 09:26:20

sidenote - i really want to start going to the market in town once a week to buy fruit and veg - cheaper and better quality usually.

Mandy21 Thu 26-Jan-12 13:10:21

I haven't been to Lidl but would recommend from Aldi:

1. fruit and veg - although only buy what you will use in the next 2 or 3 days. It doesn't seem to last very long (I find that with most supermarket fresh produce). Their bags of salad leaves / rocket etc are good value, as are their berries etc.

2. Cooked meats - as someone else has said, their German cooked ham is very nice and only £1.50. Similar to the Tesco Finest (i.e. not the plastic-tastic ham). I don't like any of the smoked hams though, find them too salty.

3. Chorizo sausage ring - very nice (especially the spicy one)

4. Cheese - can't remember the name of their strong cheddar, comes in a black packet (Devil's something??) - very creamy but strong. Delicious

5. They do good bakery products - little batch loaves that often have a 50% off sticker on them - very fresh and great to have in the freezer. They also do little chocolate brioche in individual packets - think they come in packs of 8 - that are fab to give the children as a treat when you pick them up from school.

6. Nuts - they do large bags of plain (i.e unsalted) nuts - cashews / nuts and raisins - which we buy lots of.

7. If you like condiments - chutneys / apple sauce / roasted pepper antipasti type things - much cheaper than the supermarkets

8. They also do a REALLY nice frozen meal - Thai Chicken Curry I think its called. Very good value at 1.69 or something like that - "proper" chicken with rice and veggies - have a couple of those in the freezer for emergencies.

9. Quite often have good offers on cheap children's books / puzzles in the non-food aisles so worth keeping an eye out for them. They also have good offers on sports gear from time to time - got a wetsuit for my husband there and a running jacket for me.

devonsmummy Thu 26-Jan-12 13:24:11

Dishwasher tablets
Washing up liquid
Individually wrapped croissants
Individually wrapped choc chip brioche
Sharing round vanilla brioche mmmmm
Titan - their version of mars bars
Their version of Jaffa cake bars
Par bake rolls/ baguettes
Tinned spagetti
Tinned sweetcorn - much nicer than supermarket own brand
Fruit and veg so much cheaper than the big supermarkets
Chicken legs , fresh x2 for 99p
Whole chicken
Beef mince
Diced bacon
Frozen paella - kids fab emergency meal
Yoghurts - own brand fruit corners
Herbs & spices
Orange juice
4paxk kitchen roll - equivalent to thirst pockets £1.99
grated cheese
Ready roll pastry
I LOVE ALdi's!!!!

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 26-Jan-12 17:57:51

I shop at aldi but I didnt like the quick frying steak, but it wasnt as bad as asdas quick frying steaks.

changeforthebetter Thu 26-Jan-12 18:09:59

Aldi hairspray (Carino Provive) is as good as Elnett and a fraction of the price. The kids like the hoops cereals (rip-off Cheerios and no Nasty-lé into the bargain wink). The bread is OK but the scotch pancakes are minging. I love their smoked salmon. I was told that it was "inferior" but that was by a dingbat postgrad student who doesn't actually pay for the stuff himself yet hmm. A lot of the veg and fruit is great value but the food miles, not always so good. Pineapples are lovely. Pantiliners and sanitary towels are cheaper. I love the random stuff they stock in the non-food bit. The wine is generally fine -there is some English stuff that is vile but it costs £2 so what I was thinking buying it.....! grin

Oh, and I bought a coat from there once - that was shit but hey, you live and learn. I really don't like Lidl that much but Aldi is way nearer so it is probably just that I am less familiar with it. smile

mrspnut Thu 26-Jan-12 18:14:00

I prefer Lidl to Aldi but that is personal taste.
From Lidl I regularly buy their bockwurst in a jar, cartons of passata, cartons of orange juice, pitta breads, mini pain au chocolat, chorizo. salami, olives, ham, frozen prawns, parmesan, mozzarella, olive oil and eggs.

I also buy some fruit and veg there.

MissGreatBritain Thu 26-Jan-12 18:14:17

Lidl - tinned tomatoes, chorizo sausage, ham, parmesan, passatta, nuts. Their own lemonade used to be made without sweetener (a rarity these days) but not sure if it still is now. Sparkling water.

RumpledTitSkin Thu 26-Jan-12 18:20:43

I've been to aldi today and am very excited about some praline chocolate squares, think they were about 69p, and some day cream which has made my skin all glittery and bright( in a non disco way) for a couple of pounds. Bargain. grin

ReduceRecycleRegift Thu 26-Jan-12 22:01:15

oh yeah I like the hair spray too!

and the shampoo and conditioner, beginning with C??

awomenscorned Thu 26-Jan-12 22:39:11

Lidl nappies/wipes/tinned toms/fruit/veg/german sausages/waffles/beans/free range whole chicken/mince/oven chips

poorbuthappy Thu 26-Jan-12 22:40:45

Aldi's £3.99 Chilean sauv blanc.
Was bloody lovely last night!

awomenscorned Thu 26-Jan-12 22:42:57

Lidls muffins are yuk.

jellybeans Thu 26-Jan-12 22:50:23

Aldi is great for fruit, veg and meat. Biscuits and cakes are great too. My favourites are the mini peach fruit pots, tinned fruit, beans, Disco bars, Bratwerst sausages, grated cheese packs (a lot cheaper than tesco) and cheese sticks, Belites crisps, all Lacura face creams (fantastic), microwave rice, 69p golden delicious, big sacks potato, bolognase with beef sauce jar, ballycastle (tastes exactly like Baileys), multigrain crackers, green beans 69p pack, stock cubes, arctic roll, frozen chicken strips (great to keep in for casseroles etc if you have spare veg), 29p gingerbread men packs, brioche rolls, kids cereals, decaff coffee, special deals of the week and loads more.

jellybeans Thu 26-Jan-12 22:53:13

Only thing I ever found to be yuk was the Egg mayonnaise sandwich filling.

Miomio Thu 26-Jan-12 22:59:50

I was in my local Lidl today (straight after Asda) so could do a good compare. The fruit and veg were looking a bit tired and no cheaper really than asda's were. Also I've been going to Aldi a bit recently and you do notice the difference. There are a few things though that I like at Lidl I ended up buying (what I stopped off for on the way home really)

Jam (which is fantastic) got strawberry but all are good
Dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts (totally gorgeous)
Bag salad leaves
Free range whole chicken (can't get this at Aldi)
small cartons apple juice
egg spaghetti

i notice Lidls prices seemed to have gone up too (4 natural yogurts were 99p) I'm sure they used to be much cheaper...

Popoozle Thu 26-Jan-12 22:59:58

Both Lidl and Aldi are great. Our Lidl has brilliant fruit & veg - much fresher & healthier looking than any of the big name supermarkets locally - although I did go into a Lidl on holiday last year & there fruit & veg was naff, so maybe it's not standard everywhere.

Lidl's jam is award winning - I like the cherry myself but DS2 loves the strawberry.

Lidl's fresh meat is better than Aldi's IMO, only they don't have much of it in my local store - so if you go in the evening or a Saturday afternoon you might not be able to get much fresh meat at all.

Aldi is great for washing powder & fabric softener - their non-bio is as good as Persil at a fraction of the price. Actually, all of Aldi's own brand goods are nice in my experience. Like the adverts claim, they really are as good as the branded products at a much lower price.

The only thing I buy regularly but can't get at Aldi or Lidl is baby milk (formula).

For a week in, week out shop for everyday things I prefer Aldi. If you're used to shopping at Sainsburys, Tesco etc. you'll be amazed at the price!

<thinks Aldi should sack Phil Vickery and use me in their next ad campaign>

Enjoy grin.

Popoozle Thu 26-Jan-12 23:05:22

Miomio - actually, yes, Lidl's prices have gone up lately. I can still get a whole trolley full of stuff from Aldi (to the point of not being able to fit more in) for under £70.00, whereas I managed to spend £108.00 in Lidl today. I'm sure it never used to be possible to spend more than £100 in Lidl shock.

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 27-Jan-12 15:44:12

You can get free range chicken in my local aldi, whole ones and breast portions.

vogonmothership Fri 27-Jan-12 15:50:31

Have a look on the Good Housekeeping website. The GH Institue only endorses products which are exceptional - and many of them come from Lidl and Aldi (washing detergent included!)

I think Aldi cereals are fabulous as are their cheeses, I do prefer Aldi over Lidl, but Lidl Crusti Croc crisps are better than MacCoys if you like that sort of thing.

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 27-Jan-12 22:21:02

Popoozle, home bargains do sma for 5.99 on their website, savers is usually pretty good to for that kind of thing.

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