Inexpensive ways to cheer yourself up?

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Jackjack Fri 30-Dec-11 12:28:48

I've developed the expensive habit (costa) of a latte and cake! Just wondering what others do when feeling down and need a lift but are skint!!

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RedHelenB Fri 30-Dec-11 13:00:16

walk or a nice soak in the bath or re read a favourite book.

Pootles2010 Fri 30-Dec-11 13:02:30

Yy to soak in bath. Use all your Xmas smellies! I gave myself pedicure last night, sat with feet in bucket watching tv! Not most glamorous, but lovely!

JosieRosie Fri 30-Dec-11 13:03:07

Go for a run/walk. Watch a good DVD, particularly a comedy one. Cook something I love to eat. Spend time with someone who cheers me up and makes me laugh. Have an early night - the wink version or just the boring version!

JosieRosie Fri 30-Dec-11 13:04:07

'sat with feet in bucket watching tv!'

I do this too Pootles2010! Although in my case it's an old washing up bowl rather than a bucket <obviously much more glamourous> wink

wornoutbutstillwonderful Fri 30-Dec-11 13:07:07

Another one for a lovely hot bubble bath, Dh ran me one last night lit candles for me and my ds1 had made a battery operated docking station so I attached my blackberry. I had a lovely hour with a glass of wine and my christmas smellies.

PastGrace Fri 30-Dec-11 13:08:53

Bath and a glass of wine. Sainsbury's house wine range has bottles that are about the same price as a coffee somewhere like Costa.

I spent a fortune in Caffe Nero just before Christmas. My new "thing" is I only go into a coffee place with an attractive man working on the till, because then I get embarrassed out of ordering a cake, and I just stick to a cup of tea. Much cheaper and better for me!


Jackjack Fri 30-Dec-11 14:10:05

He he PastGrace I'm too old to care what the men are like these days, just give me the cake! X

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Pascha Fri 30-Dec-11 14:11:29

Buy some fresh coffee and a cafetiere, then make your own lattes at home and spend the leftover money on double portions of cake.

ivykaty44 Fri 30-Dec-11 17:54:42

get a jar of this

add a squirt of this

a sprinkling of these

a drop of these if feeling really decadent

or this

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Fri 30-Dec-11 17:58:51

I like to buy a crappy magazine like '25 Beautiful Homes' and cut and file all the pretty pictures.

Second/third/fourth the vote for a long bubble bath, ideally with a lovely new book (charity shop or library).

Re-read a childhood favourite such as Ballet Shoes, Daddy Long Legs or Charlotte Sometimes.

Go for a walk with dp and have coffee and cake at cheapo church-run cafe, rather than Costa!

Filter coffee in Pret for 99p.

stressheaderic Fri 30-Dec-11 18:05:22

I was about to suggest Costa and cake just as I opened the thread! It is my little pleasure too.
I can justify a fiver once a fortnight though - that half hour of peace is the highlight of my life <sad>

Can also recommend:
going to library and browsing trashy books you wouldn't buy
going for an evening walk all wrapped up (if safe where you live)
looking at fantasy houses on Rightmove

These are the little things that got me through a very skint year!

Jackjack Fri 30-Dec-11 20:13:49

Ok I'm going to have a bath, with a good book, a latte and then do a manicure followed by a pedicure with a big class of wine. That should beat my credit crunch/winter blues!
Seriously Thankyou for your replys x

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inmysparetime Sat 31-Dec-11 12:47:11

Get your Christmas choccies and hide a few of your favourite ones in random drawers and pockets. When you feel low, remember where you hid them. One unexpected choccy surprise is better than a mountain of chocolate to plug through IMOgrin.
Library books are great, I get non fiction and read up on random topicssmile
Make your own biscuit dough, slice it into biscuits and freeze it, taking out a couple of frozen biscuits to cook when you want a treat.

fluffy123 Wed 04-Jan-12 12:49:22

Magazine, bubble bath, candles, paint my nails or straighten my hair or watch a bit of trash T.v.

frazzled74 Wed 04-Jan-12 21:36:15

book ,bath, candles
good dvd to watch on my own
invite friends round for a girly eve with wine and nibbles.

confusedperson Thu 05-Jan-12 12:59:07

Watching Desperate Housewives on laptop
Watching a romantic comedy on TV
Browsing Rightmove and glass of cheap wine
I am constanly on diet, so Costa coffee+cake is out of question anyway!

CDMforever Fri 06-Jan-12 18:52:24

Big mug of Green and Blacks Hot Chocolate (theres nothing like it),

A great TV drama (loving Public Enemies at the mo),

DH out with mates so whole sofa and control of remote to myself et voila.........bliss! Almost for free!

2kidsintow Fri 06-Jan-12 23:06:59

Zumba class (£4) weekly.

Going with the kids to the cinema on a Sun a.m. £1.25 a ticket at the local Vue. Can have Popcorn, a drink and a couple of oreo biscuits for £2.50 if feeling generous too.

racingheart Wed 18-Jan-12 20:51:25

Go to Wilkos or Poundland and buy one of those thermal mugs. Fill it with fresh coffee from home for about 15p a day.
That's what I keep meaning to do, anyway wink

serin Fri 20-Jan-12 21:17:39

Go fishing
Go birdwatching
Go walking
Go Church
Get DH to do me a massage smile
Cuddle the cat
Ring a friend
Grow things (need a bit of time for this one)

Littleredant Sat 21-Jan-12 13:55:09

Watching re-runs of Father Ted does it for me!

BackforGood Sat 21-Jan-12 14:05:30

For me, it's a walk out in the fresh air (free) or an uninterupted hot bath (free) or either an early night or a lie in (free)
getting more expensive now watching a "girly film" with a glass of wine or even a nice mug of tea, tbh. Over last 18months or so I've picked up dozens of videos from charity shops of old films I've either missed or want to see again - generally 3,4, or even 5 for £1, so abou 25p for my treat grin
If really want to push the boat out Go for a pub lunch with a friend - get the '2 for a tenner' type deals and sit and just put the world to rights for about 3 hours. Excellent value for money.

Dauphin Sat 21-Jan-12 14:47:54

Curl up in front of a log fire with a cup of Earl Grey in my favourite cup, a good book, and some Rococo dark sea salt chocolate...

MeltedChocolate Mon 30-Jan-12 18:29:50

Paint nails
Read book in bed
Oil hair
Make and then eat cake
Hot chocolate
Meet up with friends
Movie at home in jimmy jams

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