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To want to share something with you all...

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Flowerpot77 Tue 11-Oct-11 20:46:40

Ok, so im on mat leave at the moment - second child DD2 was born 6 months ago just got my first drastically cut pay slip.. but it was ok we had saved and budgeted and then.... the boiler went.

I have spent all weekend being sick at the quotes coming through, tried to bring forward child care arrangements and try and get back to work 2 months sooner but no joy. A boiler is not something you can really do without over the winter; and we dont really have anyone to help us out.

I actually picked up the phone and called the utility/ credit card companys today and asked for help until I get back to work and also the local council. Joy and joy on both fronts - will be tougher when i get back to work for a little while but I for one didnt know that they could be so understanding..

If you are really stuck, try it - I spent the weekend wondering whether I should just slit my wrists!

MrsS01 Tue 11-Oct-11 21:20:09

glad to hear its worked well for you smile

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