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Mums of teenagers how much for uni students to live on per month without being miserable

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homeaway Thu 08-Sep-11 08:33:58

I am trying to work out a budget for my two who are off to uni next week. We will pay their tuition fees, travel around uni and home and their rent up front but I dont know how much they will need to live on. I do know the more we give them the more they will spend. They both have a lidl near them so I hope that they will shop there or in Sainsburys . We dont live in the Uk anymore so dont have much of an idea. Can you give me any ideas ?


higgle Thu 08-Sep-11 10:30:03

My son has a loan for his tuition and living expenses. The living expenses loan pays for his accommodation in hall. We give him £300 pm 9 months of the year ( not over the summer when he works) on top of this and it seems about right for him. He is not on a course where he needs to buy lots of books or equipment and doesn't lead a wild social life.

nametapes Thu 08-Sep-11 10:36:19

They will spend a lot on alcohol and food out, if they r anything like my daughter and son who have just been though Uni. Money slips through their fingers like hot butter...... and the more money you give them the more they will spend. They will want as much as put the brakes on.!

purits Thu 08-Sep-11 10:39:18

Why are you doing the budget? It's their job - half the point of going away to Uni is learning to do the grown-up stuff like budgetting.

However, I understand your point about being out of touch with UK cost of living so look here

homeaway Thu 08-Sep-11 11:48:11

Thanks for the replies so far. Purits the reason I am doing the budget is because we have to advance the money for their loans and their grants as the money will not come in until after xmas that is the way it works here. The more their loan is the more we have to advance. I am just interested in what other parents are giving their kids as most parents here are well off and giving quite a lot of money.

Champagnevanity Sun 25-Sep-11 09:44:27

I'm a uni student, well doing a 'work in the industry' year as well as having a baby.

I had about £100/pwish, which was similar to my friends, however that was our own earnings from a part time job on top of our loans.

I have to say my main expense, tbh was buying food at uni, it cost a fortune! Not worth it.

Uni was in walking distance, so no traveling fee's,

It was really hard to budget for everything, especially when you get your loan in a big lump sum. My mum and dad probably ended up giving me about £50 per week ontop.

Work hard with them now, to budget everything, its a brilliant lesson to learn.

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