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If you had 70k

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iambach Wed 24-Aug-11 09:29:27

If you lived in a 2 bed house and had three kids, you have 70k to extend, but your husband works 100 miles away part time in a job he loves, would you

1) extend your current house (because you like where it is, rural and you have lived in it for a few years, your baby was born in it too)

2) buy a house 30 mins from husbands job that has 3 beds and either move there or use as a holiday home/rent it out for long weekends to folk/hubby stay there while he works/rent exsisting house out and move closer to work to 3 bed so 7 year old could have own room.

Extra info- 3 bed house we would only buy if we could do it mortgage free, we have 70k and hope we could get the rest together to buy it as very cheap with current climate.
Kids are 1 boy 7 and two girls 2 and 4.
Extension to exsisting house would only be to give three beds although we'd have more living space than the other 3 bed house.
Current house is detached 3 bed one a semi but also in rural area similar to us but closer to grandparents by an hour. SO 2.5 hours instead of 3.5

Total dilema for us as we wouldnt normally have 70 pounds let alone 70k.

What would you do??

Thanks in advance peeps.

timetoask Wed 24-Aug-11 09:41:59

Oh, I love dilemmas like this one...
What I would do: I really value family time and I think mother and father need to be involved as much as possible at home with the kids, of course sometimes circumstances don't allow this, but if doable then i think it's the best option.
So I would 100% buy the house 30mins away from husband's job.
Also, it saves you the uncertainty of an extension, which might not end up right and give you plenty of headaches.

Other important questions to consider:
What about you? Do you work or are you planning to work at some point? what are the prospects for you in the area you'd be moving to?

Is your husband likely to ever leave this job and would he find another one in that area?

foreverwino Wed 24-Aug-11 09:45:34

Why on Earth would you want to stay in a tiny house 100 miles from work! I just dont get lifestyles like that.

iambach Wed 24-Aug-11 09:50:36

timetoask- thank you for a very helpful response! I like how you think!

foreverwino- we live in a lovely little cottage in the middle of beautiful countryside where my kids can play outside without the worry of ever meeting junkies, arseholes and other undesirables! I love it here. Living in a small house means we have lower heating cost etc Frugal living is a lifestyle choice we made in order to have what we consider a 'better quality of life'. Thanks for your response but i'd rather have a little cottage than a big flash house even if i had the money!! Each to their own.

nannyl Thu 25-Aug-11 08:49:46

another move house vote here

so DH gets more quality time with his DC

also id consider more than this 1 house you are considering... there are plenty of houses in the market and there maybe one, perhaps in a slightly different area, that meets your family needs even bettter smile

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