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School uniform, having to buy new lot when they change school.

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lookatthatmess Fri 05-Aug-11 09:24:32

I'm just hoping we haven't left it too late to get school uniform. We have to get jumper with Logo on,
Polo shirts with logo on.
new trousers, socks, PE kit,etc, etc.
As far as I know there is only one shop in town that does the Logo clothes so hoping they have the right sizes.
I know logos are a good thing for knowing which school they go to? Actually can anyone tell me the reason for school logos on clothes? or have I answered my own question.
Do other people find it expensive?
Has anyone already bought all school stuff?
or are you like me and leave things till later?
Be interested to hear from you.

mamadivazback Sat 06-Aug-11 08:18:37

My DS starts school a week on Tuesday and I have everything all done and labelled smile

I think the school logos are about identifying pupils as well as making sure everyone is in the same colour stuff etc so you get a more 'preofessional' look if that makes sense, if everyone was to buy just a blue sweatshirt for example then the chances are you would have varying shades all over the place. Wel that's my weird theory anyway grin

I only buy the sweatshirts with logo on then I buy plain polo shirts, shirts and p.e kit because the logo stuff is so expensive and if for any reason we had to shift school there would be minimmal waste and expense.

We are not exactly flush so I started buying stuff at the end of last years sales for school stuff for example I got a pack of 2 polo shirts from M&S discounted from 5 to £2.50 and 2 pairs of school trousers down from £8 each to £5.99 for 2 pairs! I will be doing the same this year and it saves the stress too, throughout the summer holidays this year I have bought a water bottle, shoes, school bag and socks. No hassle and no stress.

Mummystootired Sat 06-Aug-11 13:38:14

That's a good way of doing it, buying things in the sales. I think I will have to start buying clothes in advance aswell. You sound very organised!smile

mamadivazback Mon 08-Aug-11 08:14:51

I am very organised this year but think it is because it's DS first year and I am reliving my childhood love of buying school things, strange I know lol.

Also not having the money to splurge in one go means I have to be but I doubt my DS feels like he's missing out grin

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