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Redundancy insurance and maternity leave

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MotherOfHobbit Tue 14-Jun-11 13:45:23

I work for a large company that has made several redundancies in my department. I have been told that my job is definitely not under threat and although I think this is true in the short term, I think it's likely I may be made redundant late next year (they're shipping a lot of jobs out of London).

DH and I have been planning to start TTC in a few months for DC2 but I'm not sure now if there's a possibility of redundancy. We'll be fine if I can take most of a year and then go back to work but if I lose my job near the beginning, I would only have the statutory pay. DH lost his job last year and is currently studying full time so we can't afford to lose my salary.

I'm considering taking out redundancy insurance to cover us in case this does happen.

Does anyone know what the case would be for insurance if I got made redundant on maternity leave? Would I still be able to claim? I imagine the insurance co could turn around and say that I might not have intended to go back to work. I also wouldn't want to start looking for work immediately with a young baby so this might invalidate it.

Has anyone been in this situation and have any advice?

RockChick1984 Wed 15-Jun-11 21:49:16

Check with the companies you get quotes from, the company I work for wouldn't have a problem with you claiming while on maternity leave, however you would not be covered by any company who believed you were aware of possibility of redundancy when you took cover out so make sure you speak to them about this, they may require a letter from your employer or something similar to prove your job is not currently considered to be at risk as there are already redundancies being made.

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