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does anyone know of any online retailers/catalogues that will give you credit if you have a bad credit rating?

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alfiesmadmother Mon 30-May-11 15:59:14

My twins birthday is coming up and so far I have bought them no presents. I work part time and have cracked a bone in my foot and due to the nature of my work can't work for 6 weeks. With no pay!!! Money is very tight and we have a bad credit rating due to a recent failed business.

Does anyone know anywhere I can buy a couple of birthday presents for my boys with credit??? Or any other very cheap ideas/websites?? I am house bound so can't browse sales/charity shops!! They will be 10 BTW.

juicychops Mon 30-May-11 16:22:55

Im still trying to think of an idea, but while im thinking, is there no friends or family you could borrow a bit of money from for a few weeks?

juicychops Mon 30-May-11 16:23:24

How long until their birthday?

nannynick Mon 30-May-11 16:43:18

They will be 10 years old, so they have some understanding of how money is used to buy things and not having money means you can't buy things.

Have you talked to them about it... so they actually want you to get them anything? Will they be getting presents off other people, such as other family members? If so, then could you delay giving them anything until you are back at work and are more financially stable?

So that you have something to give them, could you make something - special biscuits they like in a decorated home made box, make kites.

If you get credit at a high APR you will be paying back a lot of money, so those presents will cost a lot over a period of time. If you need to borrow money, try asking family. Consider though if your boys really want you to get into more debt due to their birthday presents - perhaps they would be just as happy having you do something nice at home, a nice birthday tea perhaps.

fergoose Mon 30-May-11 21:34:22

Can you have an ebay clear out then use any funds to buy presents.

I agree to avoiding catalogues and their massive charges.

RockChick1984 Tue 31-May-11 00:03:56

Agree with all the other posters... however my dh managed to get a (small) credit account with so if you are determined then they may be worth a try (i had a promo code but wanted 2 things and could only use it on first order so opened 2 accounts and paid off within 30 days so interest free) but if you don't pay off immediately it'll cost you a fortune! Coould you make them a voucher on the computer for a couple of days away in the summer hols, so that you have got time to save for it between now and then but they don't need to know it's not booked yet? Age 10 I would have loved to go to London for a weekend and go and watch something like Lion King on the west end!

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