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Value Products I recommend...

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Speckledeggy Sat 26-Feb-11 18:49:00

Rubber gloves
Kitchen sponge scourers
Chopped tomatoes
Tortilla chips
Longlife apple juice

Speckledeggy Sat 26-Feb-11 18:50:00

Err... I meant Tesco Value.

collision Sat 26-Feb-11 18:51:26

Value mozzarella

Value Parmesan (and DH is an italian chef!! grin

Lavitabellissima Sat 26-Feb-11 18:54:35

Collision - I don't believe you!

collision Sat 26-Feb-11 19:02:18

tis true!!!!

BelligerentGhoul Sat 26-Feb-11 19:39:40

I've bought Sainsbo's Basics mozzerella before - it's fine.

CarGirl Sat 26-Feb-11 19:41:02

tesco value
custard creams
borbon biscuits
shortbread fingers
ready salted crisps

collision Sat 26-Feb-11 19:47:27

When I told DH that Mumsnetters didnt believe him about the value cheese he said to tell you that a lot of italians buy Grano padano over Parmigiano as it is a lot less harsh and sometimes parmesan overpowers the dish.

ethelina Sat 26-Feb-11 19:49:59

Plain chocolate digestives
non-fragranced baby wipes (18p/packet!)
Tinned tomatoes

2cats2many Sat 26-Feb-11 19:52:05

Stewing steak. Makes a great beef casserole (after 2hours in the oven). I think it's called Market Value.

CarGirl Sat 26-Feb-11 19:53:52

porridge oats,
basmati rice (although non-value is sometimes cheaper)

serin Sat 26-Feb-11 22:28:33

Ready salted crisps (the bags are tiny which suits me fine!).

privategodfrey Sat 26-Feb-11 22:31:14

Tesco value kitchen rolls and probiotic drinks

I think those are the only Value products I've tried tbh <is a closet snob>

Do the biscuits really taste as good as the more expensive ones?

PandaNot Sat 26-Feb-11 22:34:42

The chocolate digestives taste better than the 'real' ones.

privategodfrey Sat 26-Feb-11 22:39:12

Thanks PandaNot

I'll swallow my prejudice next time I'm in Tesco and give them a try. I'm a bit of a brand-name-whore and I need to cut back on my shopping bill.

BecauseImWorthIt Sat 26-Feb-11 22:43:56

Sainsbury Basics:

Gran Padana
mature cheddar (for cooking - not so good for eating)
kitchen towel
dishwasher tablets
ready meals (I know this may sound ridiculous, but at c. 75p per meal, they are fabulous value and the ones I've tried have been very good - and ingredients are great too - check them out)

nannyl Sun 27-Feb-11 13:26:43

sainsburys basics houmous is the nicest homous you can buy IMO

all value / basic / smartprice
washing up sponges
all purpose cloths (use for toilet, & bin)
microfibe cloths = fine and washed daily
tinned toms
kitchen roll
value tuna pasta bake readymeal (no crap at all)
fresh fruit and veg (i dont care what size my carrots are)
cheese if using in cheese sauce
the value white / smoked fish fillets fine in fish pie
market value british lamb, cut up in tagine yum!
value smoked salmon trimmings, fine with pasta
Butter / flour / cocoa = fine for baking
fragrance free baby wipes
UHT skimmed milk: same as any other uht skimmed milk
Sainsburys basics squash (no aspartane)
Orange juice cartons

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 27-Feb-11 18:12:06

Asda smartprice

whole chicken (thought it would be horrible compared to free range but very good)
soap filled wire wool pads. Multi surface cleaner, furniture wax polish, toilet cleaner, all clean really well, used to use flash. House just as clean now.
rubber gloves washing powder, bagged seasonal salad. Apples, bananas
golden syrup, plain flour, SR flour, soya milk, dried mixed fruit, frozen peas, cauliflower, sweetcorn, fish fingers(ok for sandwiches)
porridge oats, digestive and bourbon biscuits, tea bags (switched from PG tips to sainsburys basics, DH hasn't noticed)
panty liners, crumpets and muffins, mustard,
sanitary maxi towels
body lotion, dish cloths,
cotton wool mouth wash
toothpaste, mushrooms, 2ltr fizzy water food bags,

Going to try orange squash next.

Speckledeggy Sun 27-Feb-11 22:13:20

Blimey, some of you are value experts!

Just thought of...
Tesco Value
Clear honey
Salted peanuts

Speckledeggy Sun 27-Feb-11 22:13:43


Speckledeggy Sun 27-Feb-11 22:22:40

Golden syrup

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 28-Feb-11 08:25:33

Just thought, asda and sains basic underarm roll on anti perspirent, the asda one stings but the sains doesn't and they keep you dry, I've not noticed as much White marks on my clothes either.

Smart price nappy bags, smart price disposable razors for legs etc.

And cat litter.

woollyideas Mon 28-Feb-11 10:05:09

Waitrose essentials range baked beans. Better than Heinz!

Tobytyke Mon 28-Feb-11 11:37:11

Tesco Value Vegetable stock cubes just 10p per pack compared to £1.68 for the leading brand.

mummyosaurus Mon 28-Feb-11 11:44:04

I often buy the market value fruit and veg - if it's in season. Apples, pears and cabbage good at the moment.

I also love the box of 15 mixed size free range eggs, not sure they are labelled value, but they are keep and good.

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