gas cutting my bill

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1973magpie Wed 02-Feb-11 21:36:00

I think the switch is for your immersion heater, but not sure how long it would take to heat the tank of water up if you switched in on an hour before you needed the water (it might not be warm enough). I think you'd have to experiment and see what happens! Sorry if that's not much help.

Have you definitely got an immersion heater? I think they are usually run on electricity, but not completely sure. Do you know if your boiler is a combi boiler or not?

If you can find a model number on the thermostat then you could try and find an instruction booklet on google or on the Siemens website.

HTH smile

lilly153 Wed 02-Feb-11 21:06:55

i have a pre pay meter and im currently spending atleast £80 per month i need to cut this down big time
i have GCH and my hot water is heated by gas

now i have a little timer box ive set all this up (even resetted it) all the lights click on and off when they are supposed to but my actualy heating and hot water dont go off the just stay on all the time now i have a switch next to this meter (which i did think was to heat hot water but this is on 24/7 yet the min i turn this off i dont have any hot running water what so ever)
i also have a little thermostat box in my living room that controls temp of heating i think this is usually set at 18 i have tried turning it down to 16 but my house ends up freezing as heating hardly ever comes on with it

I have a two bedroom house just me and 3 year old living in it

ive included some picture link of my timer box and what i think may be an emersa switch

can anybody tell me is this an emersa switch if so how do i not have any hot water after ive switched it off i only have hot water when this is on

if i turn it off will it save me money and i could just turn it on an hour before i need hot water and leave it on while im using the water

sorry bout the long post just need to get this sorted asap and im scared to turn the switch off incase its not even an emersa switch and i end up causing damage to something

thank in advance for any help 36-20110202-1706.jpg 33-20110202-1706.jpg 32-20110202-1705.jpg

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