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Orange Mobile

(5 Posts)
bettydoc Wed 08-Dec-10 10:36:06

Anyone have any experience of trying to leave Orange? Been a loyal customer for years but recently not very happy with customer service. OH suggests calling to say I'm leaving to see what happens. What if they just say ok? Where will I go?

PositiveAttitude Thu 09-Dec-10 06:48:42

I did this last year with DD2s contract. What I suggest is that you have a look at other contracts so that you have a bargaining tool (IYSWIM)

DH had just renewed his O2 contract, so I was able to quote what he had, I told orange that we would be leaving orange, as O2 was able to offer X number of minutes, Unlimited text, internet, etc, etc. Orange then offered us a REALLY good deal and we ummed and arrhed and said, Ok, we'll stay with you! wink

weathershore Sat 18-Dec-10 04:06:31

i left orange after eight years in October fed up with customer services or lack of it. All i did was to ring up waited fifteen minutes for them to answer told them that i was leaving they did try and offer me a better deal but now where as good as t moblie the ones i am with.

ReformedCharacter Sat 18-Dec-10 04:36:47

I've just left orange and have moved to 3Mobile. Well, technically I'm still with Orange until my contract ends in January, so I shall Just tell them that to cancel my contract because I'm not interested in accepting any offers.

DP did get a good deal from them last year though. Basic Nokia handset, 100mins, 100 texts for £6.50 p/m. Drawback is that it's a 36 month contract shock and the phone will be knackered by the time it ends.

I looked at getting an iPhone through Orange and their prices are obscene compared to their rivals. I don't know how they attract any new customers.

Why is everything in this thread in bold btw?

happysunshinedays Tue 21-Dec-10 10:29:16

Definately call 2 or 3 other providers. Get the absolute best deal you can, (play one off against other ie "Tmobile gave me x free texts, you've only given me y. Would you better that?"

Then go to Orange saying you're leaving because you have a much better deal. If they match/ better it great, if not, no worries, just leave. Last time I did this they actually begun the "leaving us" form over phone before saying ". . . well ok, we'll give you the deal you want."

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