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A twitter pitching event.

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NCasIknowMNetters Wed 04-Dec-19 19:51:23

Sorry this is a bit late being told to you all, but I only just found it and there's still 24 hours.

Tomorrow there's a pitching event, being held on twitter. Pitch your completed manuscript (fiction) or non-fiction book in 280 characters or fewer. Agents (mostly from the US it seems) have been on previous ones and you're trying to grab their attention and get an invitation to send your query letter, synopsis etc depending on what they want. It's from 8-8 East America time zone, which I think is 1pm-1am for those of us in the UK. It's a short-cut to the top of the slush pile but no more than that.

There are workshop type threads to work on punchy attention-grabbing pitches - your main character, the conflict and stakes. That's on a private FB group. I think the twitter bit doesn't require you to have done that work, but you need the hashtags to get found.

As far as I can tell there's no hard sell going on and only the lightest soft-sell (and I'm watching for it coz I'm suspicious like that).

They seem to happen several times a year if you don;t have time right now.


link to PitchWars site with hastags to use and stuff:

Zilla1 Wed 04-Dec-19 21:28:38

Thank you and good luck if you enter this, NCas. I'd not seen this. I'm UK-based so tend to focus on UK competitions and agents but will give this a twirl.

NCasIknowMNetters Wed 04-Dec-19 22:43:32

I think you have to put at least three hastags. one is #PitMad to get found in the first place, then the age hashtag (or non-fic) so I'm #A as its a book for the adult market, and finally genre (mine being #F for fantasy). The agents will be trying to cut through the ones they're not interested in.

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