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Finding an agent?

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GeePipe Tue 15-Oct-19 12:27:20

Hi all, has anyone had any luck in securing an agent and progressing their writing? So far i have written the first drafts of 6 books, 3 part of a Ya sci fi series, one Ya tragedy, one historical/womans fiction and one black comedy. Ive read so much over the last 5 years about getting an agent and have had loads of lovely rejections and have met 2 agents at events and im always told meeting agents is the best way forward however its so expensive and mostly in london!

Heronry Wed 16-Oct-19 00:10:00

The only agent I've ever met is the one I signed with, and I only met her when she and another agent had offered me representation, and I was deciding. Anyone I know who got an agent did it just via gruntwork -- sending out query letters, synopses, extracts.

When you say you've written the 'first draft' of six books, how much have you revised and edited those drafts? Are you just sending them out too soon?

LouisaMayAlcott Wed 16-Oct-19 16:58:31

Ive only ever met one agent when I was at a conference. She saw the first 3 chapters of a book I was editing and she said she'd be interested in seeing the rest - so I've now sent it to her and submitted to a further 7 agents via the slush pile and I'm going to wait and see what happens...

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