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Undecided on pov

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Reike Tue 06-Feb-18 20:02:40

Hello everyone smile

I’m finally set to put my story to paper. I have been planning it out in my head for about a year now but never wrote anything down. I started with the idea of the main character and kinda built the story around him.

What I can’t decide on now is the perspective. I feel like it’ll be easier to make his thoughts and emotions clear in first person perspective. But on the other side there are things like dialogues from people around him taking place when he is not present that are vital to the story. So I’m not sure how that will work in first person.

Also how do you do character descriptions when you’re writing in first person? I have no idea how to describe the main character in his own words. I don’t really like writing things like “I brushed aside my blonde hair...” etc. and would prefer to go more into detail. That kinda speaks for third person perspective again. Any advice?

Ps.: English is not my first language so please excuse any mistakes or weird sentences blush

Melly19 Fri 09-Feb-18 19:54:37

If you're not sure, try both out and see how each works. I did two different creative writing courses where this was suggested. It can create completely different effects.

Also writing in first person seems to help me when I'm writing a third person story because it stops the narrator voice taking over and makes sure I am still inside he head of the character.

As far as descriptions go, there are things like describing similarities e.g. 'My son has the same raven hair as me' or comparing to other characters e.g. 'She was more petite than I was at her age'. Or say a character is putting on make up in the mirror you can say things like 'the coral lipstick was too bright for my pale skin but I put it on anyway as I was in rush...' I am not suggesting this as good examples of writing of course but hopefully gives you the gist! Also other characters can comment on your character in dialogue with compliments or whatever.

Pengggwn Sun 18-Feb-18 17:53:45

Yes, first person perspective can limit how much character description you include, but you can insert the necessary detail through action:

There were grey hairs in the hairbrush this morning and wrinkles that didn't flatten out when I pulled my prison face.

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