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New writer - popping in to say hello

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fairycakecentral Mon 29-May-17 10:14:13

Hello. I've decided to do some writing to help me in various ways (I battle with depression, anxiety) and my little craft business has plumetted off a cliff so I hope to take my mind off things by writing.

I used to go to writers groups many many years ago and loved them. I wrote soem poems mainly, some 'screen plays' but neever anything longer. The nearest one where I now live is not suitable (will be when I pass my driving test). Looking at their website, they do look a bit more professional than the ones I went to years ago. When I went they were really informal, places to chat and meet like minded folks. This site has pictures of the awards etc that their writers have won. Yikes!

Anyway, I have started writing plans and ideas of a novel that I hope to start. DH is writing a novel just for fun, just for the achivement of having written a book, with no thought to publication. I'm a dreamer and dream that of course my 1st book will be fabulous, made into a film, and earn us millions grin. The reality is that i will stumble after 400 words and think what I do is rubbish, but I hope to push past this negativity and keep going and if I earn a few quid from kindle I'd be over the moon.

Is anyone else writing their 1st novel?

Dontwaketheneighbours Mon 29-May-17 15:14:27

Hello fairycake, I too am writing my first novel, and also dream of selling millions of copies, and having it made into a film - starring Tom Hardy as the villain obvs grin I've found the whole thing a very therapeutic process myself and writing has helped me through a particularly difficult time in my life. Good luck with your first novel - once you start writing I'm sure it will start to flow.

fairycakecentral Tue 30-May-17 06:27:02

It's good to hear that you've found writing therapeutic, I'm hoping for the same. Oooh, Tom Hardy as the villain. Id definetly watch that! Thenread the book too ( which is always better).

Dontwaketheneighbours Tue 30-May-17 10:00:13

grin I'll invite you to the film premier Fairycake

fairycakecentral Tue 30-May-17 12:26:44

Excellent smile

southeastdweller Tue 30-May-17 21:13:56

It's an exciting feeling knowing you're ready to start your first book, isn't it?

I'm at the same stage re writing a book, and also battle with depression and anxiety so can relate a lot to what you're saying. I spent an hour tonight in my local library doing some work on my characters and really enjoyed the process.

Have you read the novel writing thread? I found it really inspiring and re-read it now and then:

fairycakecentral Wed 31-May-17 06:13:59

southeastdweller excitement no and scary. After a few days of planning and plotting, I started writing yesterday. Totally stuck. I couldn't write a decent first sentence . dHs advice was just to write, it will be crap but that's where you go back after a few chapters and rewrite. He rewrote his 1sr few chapters four times.

It's heartening t hear that you are enjoying the process. Itall seems a bit daunting but it's good to hear you've stuck with it, and are making good progress.

I've not read that thread, I will do though, thank you xx

southeastdweller Wed 31-May-17 20:31:33

I agree with him. It doesn't matter if the sentence is crap, it's important to just write.

unicorn5629 Sat 03-Jun-17 13:31:48

Hi ! Attempting my first story book too, aimed at 9-12year olds !! 3 pages down so far... could be utter tosh ! Who knows?!

Wishing you all the best in your first novel !!!!

ImperialBlether Sat 03-Jun-17 13:35:45

A friend of mine (known through writing) has had his novel taken on by Tom Hardy's production company! It's not impossible. My friend is a scriptwriter as well, though and wrote something he thought could be filmed (it will be a series.)

unicorn5629 Sat 03-Jun-17 13:42:53

Wow imperial ! That is inspiring stuff, particularly if you're just starting out 👍🏻

ImperialBlether Sat 03-Jun-17 14:01:49

Well, he's been working as a scriptwriter for years and this was his second or third novel, but the first to receive so much attention. It's Adam Hamdy's Pendulum. He and I have the same publisher here in the UK, that's how I know him!

I think the main thing with writing is to keep going with it in the face of rejection. Hopefully each book gets better than the last, which obviously helps you reach publication!

Dontwaketheneighbours Sat 03-Jun-17 16:00:29

I remember reading about him Imperial and being very inspired and jealous. My first ever character was inspired by tom hardy and the fanstastic villains he plays

OohhThatsMe Sat 03-Jun-17 16:07:38

But don't forget he'd written screenplays for years and this was his third novel. It's down to luck to some extent, but also down to years and years of keeping yourself motivated, writing all the time, looking at what's wanted out there etc. You can do it!

fairycakecentral Sun 04-Jun-17 16:12:32

Hi unicorn good luck with yours too smile

Loving the screenplay success of your friend oh thatsme Shows what hard work can achieve.

monkeytree Sun 04-Jun-17 21:57:29

Hi Fairycakecentral

Another one here who battles with depression and anxiety and uses writing as a therapeutic tool. I am writing my first novel and it has really helped me to cope with some really major negative life events - I am so glad that I found writing and I suppose I am writing the book for me and my own satisfaction though I would obviously be delighted if someone else found it interesting too! Yes, I live approx. 10 miles away from my nearest book club(s) but have found a small informal one where I seem to fit the best - we chat and critique each others work - the other two groups that I am aware of seem to set tasks at each meet but I am too engrossed in my novel at the moment to want to expand my repertoire. It has become a life ambition to get the novel finished although I have taken loads of pressure off of myself recently and have extended my own personal deadlines. I have found poetry a great outlet too for expressing feelings. Sorry to hear that your craft business is not currently doing so well x

fairycakecentral Thu 08-Jun-17 10:07:13

Hi monkeytree That's great that you've found a group that works for you. You sound like you are really enjoying the writing process and I like that you are doing what suits your needs rather than doing tasks that take you away from that. I'm a people pleaser (I really wish I wasnt) and would probably do the other tasks the group sets but get resentful and withdraw from the group for a while, not least because I would lack the courage to tell them I couldnt do the tasks. I wish to god I had more gumption grin.

My craft business suffered because of my health, but health is so much more important. I miss doing craft fairs though. Once I can drive, I might try them again.

Good luck with your novel,

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