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The Golden Egg Academy?

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ShamefulDodger Fri 17-Mar-17 17:13:08

Has anyone interested in/writing children's books looked into this?

Have almost finished my first in a series of children's books and this almost looks too good to be true!

I live ooooop North but would happily travel down.

I've read that it is selective so obviously not guarenteed to get in, but still...

ShamefulDodger Fri 17-Mar-17 17:13:41

Oops sorry forgot link grin

CurlyWurlyCatcher Fri 17-Mar-17 17:21:11

I haven't seen this before but it looks ideal for someone in your position, having almost finished a series already. It's not too many days in London either if I have read that correctly? Sounds really manageable and a great next step.

Good luck with the rest of the process smile

ShamefulDodger Fri 17-Mar-17 18:23:56

CurlyWurlyCatcher thankyou! 😊👍🏼

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