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Curtis brown creative 3 month course

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Gemmy89 Fri 10-Mar-17 15:27:31

Okay apologies if this has been discussed plenty already.

Has anyone does this course?

Was it good value for money?

Competitive to get into?

Would love to hear any thoughts! Contemplating applying for the next one...

Gemmy89 Fri 10-Mar-17 15:43:08

Would also love to know how it compares to the Faber course! Which is better?

Gemmy89 Fri 10-Mar-17 20:21:20

Bumping smile

Gemmy89 Sat 11-Mar-17 20:09:53

Last shameless bump wink

plutohasfeelingstoo Thu 16-Mar-17 11:33:17

Hi Gemmy I'm currently doing the writing for children one. Im only a few weeks in but already I've learned so much. Having tutor feedback and peer feedback is so helpful. I haven't had a tutorial yet but a lot of others have said they'd been really helpful. I'm really happy I'm doing the course as it really makes me write to deadlines instead of procrastinating for weeks like I usually do. I'm delighted to be doing it and have already changed what I've written significantly. I can't compare it to other courses as this is the only one I've done. It is a selective course and they pick 15 people but it is quite expensive so I'm unsure how many people actually apply. Good luck choosing, personally I love it.

askasillyquestion Fri 17-Mar-17 10:27:52

That's so nice to hear, pluto - I've just been accepted onto the three month novel one. Am quite excited (though it is, as they say) pricey. But I know I need the support

Gemmy89 Fri 17-Mar-17 22:42:09

Ooh great! Thanks both. I love the idea of being driven by peers and support.

I can't decide which to apply for though. I don't really know what criteria to base that decision on either! The Faber one is longer, six months. I don't want to do an MA (I already have one in something else, though I know this is different...) so a three or six month course appeals.

Pleaseandthankyou Mon 20-Mar-17 20:21:00

I am interested in the Curtis Brown course too. Can anyone else add anything?

askasillyquestion Tue 21-Mar-17 09:48:05

Only that I did the Starting to Write one (the £200 one) with Curtis Brown first, which gave me a little taste of whether I needed that level of support. I found it very helpful, which is what gave me the guts to apply for the main one.

Pleaseandthankyou Wed 22-Mar-17 08:10:09

THanks Ask.

plutohasfeelingstoo Wed 12-Apr-17 07:23:05

Just wanted to say how much my writing has come on since I started this course, I've only a few weeks left and I'm properly gutted it will end soon, the support it great!

geddes Fri 14-Apr-17 11:44:36

Really helpful, thanks all. Am tossing up about enrolling on the 'starting to write' one. I'm hoping it will give me some accountability.

INeedABiggerBoat Mon 22-May-17 08:13:51

I did the Faber 6 month one and found it incredibly useful. Just having the peer support of other, serious writers has (and continues to be) really helpful. I learned so many things that would have taken me years to figure out by myself. Really recommend it.

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