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Do agents represent erotica??

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Willowwriter79 Fri 10-Mar-17 13:33:01

Hi everyone.

Just to try something a bit different I wrote an erotic novel while I was waiting for some feedback on my thriller MS - which is my preferred genre. A couple of my friends read the erotica (which is also a bit of a thriller too) and loved it. I know friends will say that but they give quite critical feedback too. My husband loves it too - but he would, wouldn't he!

I couldn't give it to my usual writing friends to critique as I know it's definitely not their thing!!

Anyway I thought it might be worth sending it out and seeing if there was any chance of getting it published. But when I've used agent hunter, although some agents bios say they accept erotica, none of them seem to actively want to represent it.

Was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts/ advice/ experience with this genre?

Many thanks

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