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What agents are looking for.

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Trenzalor Tue 25-Oct-16 22:27:05

Hi all, long time lurker here.

I'm sure some time back someone posted a twitter link to what agents are looking for at present. I can't find it and was wondering whether anyone knew what it was?


Trenzalor Tue 25-Oct-16 22:27:59

I think it was a hashtag of some kind?

ImperialBlether Tue 25-Oct-16 22:31:19

They're all looking for different things! Each agent has a webpage on their site (or some space, at any rate) and says what they enjoy reading there.

What do you like to read?

Trenzalor Tue 25-Oct-16 22:47:27

I'm trying to find all possible agents for a YA novel which is historical/romance with a time travel element. The novel is written, I've been through W&A, Agent Hunter and think I've found most agents there who want YA.

Trenzalor Tue 25-Oct-16 22:47:59

Found the hashtag #mswl unfortunately it only seems to be used by US agents though!

ImperialBlether Tue 25-Oct-16 23:06:56

On Twitter you can use #askagent - you could ask for recommendations, but they'll just tell you to look up the websites. Just look for YA - you can't search for YA and historical, I wouldn't think.

Trenzalor Tue 25-Oct-16 23:42:29

Thanks Imperial.

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