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Start Writing Fiction course on Future Learn

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BertramOliphantWest Mon 03-Oct-16 14:34:20

I've just started the Start Writing Fiction free course run by the OU through the Future Learn website. Has anyone else signed up or completed the course before? What did you think of it? Did it get you writing? I've signed up in the past, but didn't crack on with it. I'm determined to do better this time and then go on to the NaNoWriMo. So far it's not bad, but then I read everyone else's contributions and get disheartened that my writing is very poor in comparison blush

kaffeeklatsch Mon 10-Oct-16 08:12:11

Hello, I completed this course a year ago and had another attempt at doing it earlier this year (which failed because I was also doing a RL writing course). Doing it again now.

It's excellent and I highly recommend it. Doing this course changed my writing out of all recognition - yes, really - I'm at "international competition long list" level now smile Finished it brimming with ideas, including a full plot for a historical novel that I sadly don't have time to write at the moment (I will get back to it though). It was far superior to a creative writing MA that I abandoned due to being a complete waste of money.

However - I am sure you have already gathered that you won't get feedback from the tutors, only from peers. This seems to throw/disappoint a few people. And the guidance on giving feedback is not great. As with anything writing-related, you need a certain amount of self-belief to get through.

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