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Website Name for Fertility Support website linked to support group

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monkeytree Wed 27-Jul-16 09:24:43


I'm hoping for some creative input. I facilitate a local fertility support group and one of the group members has very kindly offered to create a website. The website is for local ladies (meet up times and events etc.) but could also be read by people on a more national level. The wallpaper on the home screen is an arty picture of some woods (lovely hues of lilacs, blues, cream etc). I came up with the name fragile fertility (a bit like fragile earth) but it was thought that this name did not inspire hope for those facing fertility issues and was not very uplifting. I like the calm perspective yet something like serenity does not seem to fit the bill either. Some names are very clever such as CREATE which is the name of a fertility clinic. I don't want to inspire false hope either, nor do I want it to sound too gimicky. I guess what I'm aiming for is a brainstorming session. Please get your thoughts down it might inspire me or give me a theme, I've been writing random words down such as equilibrium, hoping to strike upon something. Thanks for any suggestions, I need to throw a few ideas around.

StrawberryQuik Wed 27-Jul-16 16:40:00

Off the top of my head how about something like -
Gaia Fertility (Mother Earth) or
Freya Fertility Support (Norse fertility goddess)

Hope you find a name you like smile

monkeytree Fri 29-Jul-16 17:53:11

Thank you StrawberryQuik. I think I need a really good brainstorming session with this. My latest thoughts are something 'hut' - hut being a humble dwelling/shelter which is something those going through fertility issues might look to - shelter. The fertility hut doesn't sound quite right. Someone suggested the humble hut. The listening hut, (would have been good to have had fertility or something pertaining to it in there somewhere but not absolutely necessary). Has anyone else got any ideas along these lines please?

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