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A good way through writing my book... What then?

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JustBeingJuliet Thu 02-Jun-16 08:59:38

Just after a bit of advice really. I started writing a novel years ago and have recently picked it back up and made real progress; I'm now confident it'll be finished soon and I'm just wondering really what to do with it! How do I go about getting it published? I'm clueless!

stripyeyes Thu 02-Jun-16 09:55:09

I'd recommend ploughing through the old threads on this board- there's loads of useful advice and info from editing to agent hunting on here! And it's free!!

Use some books to help you edit, buy the Yearbook to find agents but most of all remember you've (presumably) written your book for the enjoyment of it and don't lose that enthusiasm! smile

MissBattleaxe Thu 02-Jun-16 10:00:21

Good advice from stripy.

Definitely buy The Writers and Artists Yearbook. It comes out every year and is your bible. It lists all agents so you can match the genre of your book to what they're looking for. It's also worth googling an agent you have in mind as there are often interviews online about what they are looking for.

It's worth getting an agent rather than going straight to a publisher as publishers either don't accept unsolicited submissions, or prefer agents. There are some exceptions, but you would be waiting a long time.

Good luck!

GetAHaircutCarl Thu 02-Jun-16 10:39:03

Put the book away.

Come back to it in a few weeks and re-read with the most objective eye you can muster.

Polish. Polish. Polish

Sub to agents. Most agencies have a website setting out their submissions guidelines.

JustBeingJuliet Thu 02-Jun-16 11:27:15

Some fab advice, thank you smile

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