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Anyone know what a blog tour is?

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ImperialBlether Thu 07-Apr-16 18:50:54

I've noticed a few writers bringing out novels have a blog tour. Does anyone know what it is?

ImperialBlether Thu 07-Apr-16 18:52:30

Eg this:

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Thu 07-Apr-16 19:26:30

It's where you do guest posts on a series of other people's blogs. It's useful for the writer because it means they get exposed to the readerships of all the different blogs and for the blogger because it gives them a blogpost with minimum effort.

ImperialBlether Thu 07-Apr-16 19:37:58

Ohh okay, thanks. So would the publisher set that up?

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Thu 07-Apr-16 19:41:38

I don't know what happens with big publishers with writers who actually have decent publicity budgets - I would think so. Smaller ones definitely do it themselves and I have seen people advertising, for actual money, the service of setting up blog tours for self published authors shock

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