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Richard and Judy novel competition anybody?!

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mary81 Sun 20-Mar-16 18:08:12

Just wondering if anyone is feeling inspired to enter? I have nothing at all to submit and just some half-baked ideas I'm sitting on, yet can't stop obsessing over it! I suppose it's that competitions seem more doable than blind submissions... there's a tiny glimmer of hope (or so I tell myself...)!

SuckingEggs Sun 20-Mar-16 21:48:43

Hmm, am going to take a look. Thanks for the heads-up!

I know what you mean about a glimmer of hope...

CadburysTastesVileNow Mon 21-Mar-16 18:01:27

They'd give you a contract if you won, but would the terms be much worse than a normal contract? They've got you locked in, after all ...

gin33333 Tue 22-Mar-16 17:20:15

Would be interested but not sure where to start with this I do have a title for a book but its just getting pen to paper and ideas

megrunning Wed 06-Apr-16 22:12:36

Has anyone entered this? In the Ts and Cs it says you can't enter if you've ever submitted before to either a competition or an agent and not won/ been picked up! Seems quite harsh... And daft as we know many great novels get some rejections!! Would u just ignore this and enter anyway??

Naicehamshop Mon 11-Apr-16 16:56:00

That seems very harsh meg confused
I haven't entered this (yet) but am just about to post my entry for the Daily Mail one, so I guess I am barred from this??

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