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Just need a little encouragement

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HarHer Fri 13-Nov-15 21:55:14


I am in the process of writing a book proposal for Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Has anyone any experience of writing for JKP? If so, could you tell me how quickly they may want it written if the proposal is successful.

MissBattleaxe Mon 30-Nov-15 21:04:33

I have no experience of non fiction submissions, but write the submission and see what they say. In the case of fiction submissions, its advisable to have the whole thing written before submitting a synopsis but non fiction is a different kettle of fish and you may have something unique they are willing to wait for.

Dive in and good luck!

Skylerwh1te Thu 17-Dec-15 21:26:14

Non fiction are often prepared to schedule books well in advance but will want a good idea of when it can be ready. Also if there are any relevant anniversaries (no idea what you are writing but I work in historical non fiction) they will likely want the book to be able to be published to coincide with them, also bearing in mind publishers' lead times where they may need up to 11 months with the full material in house before they publish. Hope that might be of some use

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