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Could anyone answer these questions for me please?

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Shakey15000 Tue 10-Nov-15 12:55:11

I'm new to this so forgive any ignorance smile

Could anyone either answer the following questions or point me toward a link/website that would explain in laymans terms

I have an idea for a series of children's books, age range 5-8yrs. I've written the first one pen and paper job and have themes for another 4 or 5.

Where do I start? I think I've gathered that the best way is to approach an agent, is that right?

They would require illustrations and I can't draw for toffee so how do I approach/solve that?

When submitting, how should it look? In what format? I'm a bit crap with technology at the best of times but could cobble something together on Word blush

What if an agent or publisher thinks "Cracking idea, we'll steal that and give it to our more competent, established writer", do I did to "copyright" it in some way?

What do I send to an agent? The whole first book/story and outline for future "episodes"? Or a taster?

Any advice gratefully received thanks

HarrietVane99 Tue 10-Nov-15 13:01:32

Get hold of the Children's Writers and Artists' Yearbook.The 2016 edition should be out by now. That should tell you everything you need to know. Different agents ask for different things, so you need to study their requirements and tailor your submission accordingly.

But it will need to be typed, and some agents and/or publishers ask for electronic submissions, so it's a good idea to brush up your computer skills.

Shakey15000 Tue 10-Nov-15 13:48:27

Thank you Harriet smile

MissBattleaxe Tue 10-Nov-15 14:25:35

Many agents have websites with Submissions pages on them. Follow the guidelines carefully and submit. Don't worry about illustrations- many agents often have illustrators as clients or a publisher will match one up with your work. Either way, it's not for you to worry abut.

Secondly, don't worry about an agent stealing your idea and giving it to someone else. I have never heard of this happening. However, it is worth realising that someone else may have a similar idea. There is a theory that there are only seven types of story in the world.

Shakey15000 Tue 10-Nov-15 20:43:12

Thank you also MissBattleaxe (I do a wicked impersonation of you btw wink )

MissBattleaxe Wed 11-Nov-15 10:12:30

I keep them on their toes Shakey!

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