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I want to write a textbook and get it published.

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Zorion Fri 24-Jul-15 13:36:27

I am a teacher (EFL) and I am really good at my job. I am creative and when I have the time, I write my own lessons and my colleagues all love and use them. There is obviously room for improvement but with some honing I think they could be well-received by other teachers.

I have read that there is a dearth of EFL textbooks (which is why they are so expensive) and I have a great idea for one.

Has anybody got a textbook published? I know there are specialist academic publishers, I use their books a lot to teach with, do I just approach them with the idea? The finished product? A sample unit and a syllabus?

Any help gratefully received!

PermaShattered Mon 27-Jul-15 22:18:37

I have no experience other than my own. I have had 3 books published, 2 were commissioned but the first was when i was in your position. So these suggestions are only based on that one experience (15 yrs ago!).

Contact your publisher (or two) or choice and give them a short synopsis and tell them about the gap in the market and why your book will plug that gap. My publishers did their own research then came back to me a few weeks later with the green light. Mine were my 2nd publisher of choice. Hope that helps, even a little bit.

ImperialBlether Sun 09-Aug-15 16:57:15

I would send a synopsis, a syllabus and a sample unit.

Best of luck!

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