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something2say Tue 09-Jun-15 09:31:10


I have written a self help book. Its taken about 2 years to get it all properly together. I finished a big chunk last week and am going to edit once again a couple more sections, to make 100% sure I am happy with them.

I was advised by an agent to get the book checked out by a mental health professional, and I have found a really good one who has agreed. He will be getting his copy very soon.. There is also another professional lady who has been helping me..

After that, I will need to submit to agencies, which is what I am asking about here. Have read some of the other threads, about how so many submissions are declined, how long it takes etc. I made contact with an agent who runs a thing which I am going to go along to, so that's one thing.

But could anyone advise me on how to create a submission? What does it look like, is it emailed, how long should it be etc?

Many thanks

samsonagonistes Tue 09-Jun-15 14:16:20

Firstly, good luck.

Secondly, for a non-fiction submission, it looks a bit different. You don't just send them the whole thing like with a novel, you need to have a couple of sample chapters, a list of the other chapters, a bit about yourself and an idea of competing books. And also a bit about 'platform' - why people will listen to you, whether you've got a blog or a twitter account or professional status, that kind of thing.

If you google non fiction submissions you'll find a lot of advice on exactly how to set this out.

something2say Tue 09-Jun-15 14:47:42

Oh that's wonderful advice; thank you very much indeed.

I am aware that it is a sample only and have been thinking about what to put in. Wasn't aware of competing books and why mine will be different, but can come up with something. The platform stuff.....well that's all going to be great fun actually, as I intend to have a lot of fun as an anonymous writer.

Many thanks for that advice.

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