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Master of Studies in Creative Writing at Oxford or Cambridge?

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MIlesdavis Thu 20-Nov-14 19:13:37

Does anyone had any experience with the Master of Studies in Creative Writing at either Cambridge or Oxford? How does that compare to UEA or Goldsmiths? Thanks very much!

AdventuringAbout Sun 07-Dec-14 20:36:30

Completed the Oxford MSt, but it's my only one so I can't compare it to the others through personal experience smile

The structure worked well for me - blocks of intense study sessions and tutorials, and then longer blocks of working independently - but naturally that will depend on your own circumstances.

There is an emphasis on challenging yourself to try writing outside your natural genre, which is healthy and can be exciting. This is balanced with extensive opportunities to build skills in your preferred genre. Tutorials and seminars tend to be led by extremely high quality writers/tutors. Do you have specific questions? Happy to try and answer!

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