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Agent with list of recommended writing books on website?

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Legohair Sun 16-Nov-14 18:41:13

This is a remarkably dumb question, apologies. I was recently skimming through a lot of UK agents' websites, and stumbled upon an agent who, as part of his/her submission advice/information, had included a list of books s/he thought would be useful to novice writers - from what I remember, they were more interesting than the usual 'how to' books, and included at least one book aimed at actors in terms of helping someone inhabit character, which I thought looked very interesting.

Stupidly, I never bookmarked it, and going though my search history hasn't got me back to the page. I thought it was Caroline Davidson, but can't find it if I look on the CDLA site. Have also looked on Curtis Brown, UA and Rogers, Coleridge and White, to no avail. It was almost certainly one of the bigger London agencies.

Does this ring any bells with anyone? Will be forever grateful, if so.

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