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NaNoWriMo 2014

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TunipTheUnconquerable Tue 30-Sep-14 16:20:31

Anyone else going to do it?

I thought I'd start the thread now as it's a good idea to do some thinking before you start so you can really hit the ground running in November.

For those who haven't done it before, the idea is to write 50k words of a new novel in November.

It's a good way to get motivated to get words down on paper, especially if you've always wanted to write a novel but never managed a whole one before.

There's an official website at where you can register if you want, but you don't have to.


Guilianna Tue 30-Sep-14 16:48:33

I think I need to sign up this year. Doubt I'll make 50 but might be good for 30! aiming to start solo 1st Oct and then continue nano-ing
Are you tunip on there too? I am ninth

Guilianna Tue 30-Sep-14 16:48:48


fuzzpig Tue 30-Sep-14 17:18:55

I would love to do this! I do have some time in the day and it would be good to put my brain to a decent use. I've had the bare bones of a novel in my head for a while and this might be a timely kick up the arse to actually write something. How much time per day would you say it requires? I don't even know how much 50k 'looks' like IYSWIM?

Dwerf Tue 30-Sep-14 17:26:37

Signing in! Yup, I'm doing it again this year grin

Dwerf Tue 30-Sep-14 17:30:51

fuzzpig depends how fast you type, I can usually get 1k down in about an hour, allowing for coffee, brain meandering and interuptions. On the site there are threads for 'word wars', which is where you write like mad for fiften or twenty minutes. You can usually get a tonne of words in that time. I'd look for your nearest group/ home region. They may have a facebook page or chatroom or something. There's one in the next city from me and we do weekly meets during November. In fact, a core group of us are still meeting several times a month even now. And have expanded to include other social events.

50k isn't that much. I think the novel Jekyll and Hyde is about 50k.

TunipTheUnconquerable Tue 30-Sep-14 21:04:02

Yay, lots of people!

Hello Ninah - didn't know you had namechanged smile

I probably won't sign up to the official site because there already too many websites in my life.

punygod Tue 30-Sep-14 21:05:46

Count me in. I start 'em and then my stamina runs out by about 20k.

Have to finish one, one day.

Guilianna Tue 30-Sep-14 23:00:53

Hi tunip, yes I had to when the site made everyone re-password, it ate my name! I should see if I can get it back, really.
Are you starting on a new ms? i really need to. Been revising the last one til blue in face, and ready to move on now. Didn't we used to have a kind of mn nano on here? I'd be up for that, from tomorrow! (just have to fit in job, dc, MA and I'm ready to write! 500 words a day is my modest/realistic aim)

fuzzpig Wed 01-Oct-14 07:43:01

Thanks for the advice smile

I think I'll give this a go. I've been unwell (again) lately and so have physically needed to rest a lot but I've spent far too much time stagnating in front of DVDs!

TunipTheUnconquerable Wed 01-Oct-14 08:45:33

Guilianna - I'm finishing off the first draft of one book through October, then for NaNo I hope to be doing the sequel to my 2012 NaNo.

The current book has dragged on because we moved house to a 'project' in the middle of it. I'm now on a 'sit down at my computer and don't move till I've done 1000 words' regime because there's so much else I should be doing it's easy for writing to slip down the list.

Fuzzpig - sorry to hear you've been having health trouble.

GrendelsMinim Wed 01-Oct-14 09:23:44

I'm definitely up for it - I've found that Write Or Die is the tool I need to get me writing without self-criticising or self-editing as I go.

Depending on how I go throughout October (I'm planning to sit down and write for at least 10 mins every day), I may find myself doing a slightly alternative version of NaNoWriMo such as 30 days of editing or 30 days of finishing off a first draft.

Badcrumbles Wed 01-Oct-14 12:44:22

Just logged on to start a similar thread smile

I'm doing my first NaNo for about 7 years, unless you count the 50,000 word research project I cobbled together last year (I write historical fiction), and will be using November to finish the first draft of a novel I started whilst on maternity leave (back in the halycon days when DS actually slept!). It's...erm, based on a novel that is now in the public domain. I was trying to be all clever and metafictional but I've just ended up with very niche fanfiction. Ah, well. I'm having fun!

Is anyone on the lookout for a writing buddy? In addition to the tiny human I also work fulltime, so won't be able to make it to many RL write-ins...

Here's me:

fuzzpig Wed 01-Oct-14 14:37:34

Thanks Tunip smile it's a long term thing so I'm used to it now, but actually this project is really timely - I have finished my occupational therapy, but I am sure that my OT would think this was perfect for me as it's pushing me a bit and making me spend time on something for myself, but without huge pressure.

Ooh I'm excited grin I've not written anything since I was a teenager, it's scary too! The idea of actually getting the words out. I'm glad there's a group thread smile

Badcrumbles Wed 01-Oct-14 14:53:59

Fuzzbig I've heard that the forums aren't being wiped (as they traditionally are every October) until next week, and then only threads that haven't been updated since August 1st will be gone... so if you fancy getting involved in the community over there in the lead-up to November then the All Ages Coffee House is a good place to start:

I spent a lot of time there last year as DS was tiny and I found maternity leave quite isolating. It was good to have somewhere to let offsteam, creatively speaking.

There are forums for all age groups and genres if you want something more tailored smile

Cherrypi Wed 01-Oct-14 15:15:36

Ooh I'm up for this. Done it a couple of times. My maternity leave starts November 1st and my son starts pre school. Just need an idea now hmm.

schmalex Thu 02-Oct-14 10:30:25

If I can get the first draft of my current wip finished this month then I might give it a go.

Do you all do lots of prep or just dive right in with a blank sheet of paper?

TunipTheUnconquerable Thu 02-Oct-14 11:36:04

I research but then I have to because I do historical.

For my 2012 one I didn't have much sense of the shape of the book but this time I will probably plan a little more. I also have quite a few key incidents and characters lined up already.

FeliciaHardy Tue 07-Oct-14 10:03:53

Have just logged onto MN for first time in ages to see if there was a Nano thread yet!

This will be my fifth year doing Nano, but it's my first year not trying to get uni assignments done at the same time so I'm taking it a bit more seriously this year and want to have a first draft done so I can redraft and edit after. I've started planning as had an idea for a story last week that I can already think of a beginning, middle and end for (this is very unusual for me!).

I've tried doing it with either outlines or diving straight in before and for me I need a loose outline to guide me through story or it loses its way. If I have too much of an outline I find I come up with other ideas as story progresses and don't stick to it anyway. I just think on my main characters to get a sense of who they are and what I want them to achieve through the story and how they will achieve it. I don't think of lots of scenes or anything, if I plan too much I'm bored of the story before I write it.

ElleMcFearsome Wed 08-Oct-14 09:33:57

Thank goodness - I was hoping there'd be a NaNo thread on here somewhere!

I've never got beyond the 30k mark (like Felicia my uni courses were requiring attention!) but am determined that this year will be my year and not just because I've finished my degree and I'll finish. To that end I'm doing some prep now as before I've just sat down and written but I always run out of steam.

I have a vague notion of the world I'm setting it in, and am writing notes re factions, terrain, social structures etc to keep me on track. I might have a play with some notable characters at some point before Nov 1 too!

Dobble Sun 12-Oct-14 16:30:15

This is my first year attempting it. I only heard about it a few months ago, and I thought of giving it a go. I only need 30K though as it's a children's book, so it feels like cheating a bit!

Notabar Mon 13-Oct-14 21:47:39

I've signed up <eek>

Not sure how much I'll use the actual NanoWriMo site, but am going to soend the next couple of weeks knocking an idea I've had for a few months into shape, and plough on with it in November.

Great timing for me as am out of a job <tight smile>

Might as well turn my hand to something useful!

TunipTheUnconquerable Thu 16-Oct-14 16:22:58

Finished the first draft of my other book, so I'm all set for NaNo - even have a little bit of spare time for research <strokes books lovingly>

redmapleleaves Sat 18-Oct-14 20:01:44

oh great, logged on to see if there were other MNetters on nano, and here you all are! I'm in, - did it a few years ago and found it such fun. But life is busier now.... I'm writing non fiction, and have started it, but need more structure to maybe finish a first draft.

EatingMyWords Mon 20-Oct-14 16:50:31

I'm about to finish a first draft of a YA novel but might use November as a target to get it re-written. Not sure whether to register or not.

If anyone needs help motivating themselves I can recommend write-track. I've done about 50K words in 6 weeks. I've only done chapter books before so this is a whole new ball game!

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