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Anyone on Wattpad?

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charlietangoteakettlebarbeque Fri 11-Jul-14 16:52:32

I've just discovered wattpad.

If anyone is also on there, post the link here so I can follow you. I am not sure how it all works properly yet. How do you get people to follow you? All my stuff is very personal and sensitive and I don't want to send out to friends and family.

I have browsed people on wattpad but they are all very popular and I want to follow people like me, who are just starting out or who haven't got a million followers.

Here is mine in case anyone is interested.

<<shameless plug>>

charlietangoteakettlebarbeque Fri 11-Jul-14 20:09:23

Also, when it tells you how many people have gone onto your work, how do you know whether they've actually read it? Does it symbolise someone who has read the whole thing?

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