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Creative writing challenge

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LisaMed Mon 16-Jun-14 16:00:36

First points

I have complete permission from Mumsnet Towers to post this.

I am not making money out of this and it is completely free to get involved.

Other writing challenges are available.

I have set up a writers' challenge called Light and Shade Challenge with a friend of mine. It is still open to suggestions and ideas but at the moment there is a prompt twice a week.

On Mondays there is a picture, a quotation and a 500 word limit. Anyone who has a blog can write something and submit it by noon GMT the following Sunday. On Friday there is also a quotation, a picture and a deadline of noon the following Sunday but this time it is a 100 word limit.

The submission process is easy. You write something and put it on your blog. Then you use the 'link up' button on Light and Shade Challenge's page to link your blog post to the challenge. You can read and comment on other people's submissions and other people can follow the link to your post. It is free and relatively easy to set up a blog on Blogger or Wordpress if you don't already have a blog but would like to take part.

If you are interested you can comment, send me a pm or have a look at Light and Shade Challenge It is a pretty inclusive community and submissions are coming from more than one continent. You don't have to get in touch with me, you can just jump in. The Challenge is about having fun.

I hope you feel able to join in.

FourForksAche Mon 16-Jun-14 17:25:41

sounds good smile

LisaMed Mon 16-Jun-14 19:32:59

It's been going since the end of April, so you can have a look at the sort of things that are there. It's been very family friendly so far.

I've been having a ball!

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