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Are we allowed to ask each other to review/ critique each other's work?

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Nokidsnoproblem Fri 23-May-14 18:32:02

Just that really. I am looking for independent opinions on two books which I have written. They are both unpublished.

Looking around these forums, I am worried that there dosen't seem to be a thread for this here. Is there a reason why?

TunipTheUnconquerable Sat 24-May-14 09:55:25

I don't think there's a reason.
I've critted for several MNers and they've very kindly done the same for me. We didn't have a specific thread, it just came up in the normal course of one of the novel-writing threads, and I can't remember who offered first.
Why don't you start a thread? If for some reason I'm wrong and it's not allowed, the worst that can happen is that MNHQ will take it down.

Nokidsnoproblem Sat 24-May-14 13:17:59

Thank you for responding. I will start a thread now.

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