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Ready - or not? Help!

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Guilianna Sun 04-May-14 23:02:46

I've been asked by an agent to revise and resubmit. I think I'm ready, but how can I be sure? have rushed this stage in the past. I've been thorough, ms reads much better, but I'm scared to press send. I could keep making it 'better' indefinitely, how do you know when you are done?

Fideline987654321 Sun 04-May-14 23:48:18

Were you not given detailed guidance on the revisions needed?

Guilianna Mon 05-May-14 00:04:06

I was given hints. Detailed guidance is given, I imagine, once you actually have a contract!
The book is definitely much better and I believe I have made the necessary changes, but I am beset with self doubt.

Fideline987654321 Mon 05-May-14 00:10:30

Can you lock it in drawer for a few days and review with fresh eyes. That's the only trick I have ever found that helps other than getting so bored with second guessing myself that I just submit

(Disclaimer: I don't write fiction)

Guilianna Mon 05-May-14 00:24:21

Yes, I think I will. It's seen the insides of a few locked drawers by now. I suspect I will end up going with your crossed out option at some stage very soon, I am sick of looking at it!
Thanks for the advice.

chansondumatin Mon 05-May-14 16:57:42

Can you get a beta reader to look at it for you?

I think if you are at the stage where you are just making tiny tweaks rather than anything major, you're probably ready to go. You could fiddle with a MS forever but there comes a point when just you have to take a deep breath and send the thing off.

Guilianna Mon 05-May-14 19:01:51

I've used up my reader favours! whole ms is a big ask. I've had input at various stages, and it's with someone right now who wanted a look - but what I really need is for someone to read through whole thing and be brutally honest about the impact.
There IS one person I can think of who might do it - I don't know him well. I know him through CW course, which I've found useful but prone to micro analysis - right now I need broad brush.
I do feel I've taken it as far as I can.
I'm going to have a look tonight then print it off and leave it til half term.
Is it cheeky to ask a near stranger? can only say no I guess...
I've never BEEN so cautious. Last chance saloon

chansondumatin Mon 05-May-14 19:51:57

Only you know how comfortable you'd be with this guy reading it, but you could offer to return the favour by looking at something he's written? That said, if you don't trust his feedback 100%, I'm not sure it'd be worth it.

Perhaps just wait for the feedback from the person who's reading it now, check it all through again yourself during half term, then send if you're happy.

It sounds as though you've done a very thorough job on the revisions, so perhaps all you need is a bit of time away from the script to give you a bit of extra perspective and confidence.

Guilianna Mon 05-May-14 19:56:10

I think it's confidence I lack now. It's nearly there, I can feel! thanks so much. Last revise, drawer, send. I like a plan!

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