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Short story

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DrCoconut Mon 14-Apr-14 19:36:31

I have an idea for a short story based on something that happened to us last year. It's rather along the lines of tales of the unexpected. The trouble is some of it is quite visual as it centres round a photograph. One that seemed a good idea at the time but returns to bite you on the backside later. I can imagine it as a TV episode but not in a book at the minute. A bit along the lines of the camera would show the photo being taken or even just the print of it to establish its existence and cement it in the viewer's mind without having to explain it or overemphasise it, but a written description would not have the same effect. I'm struggling to get the image into words without it becoming too "wordy" or blowing a big hole in the twist at the end. Any advice or experience out there?

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