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Early Stages - Working with an Illustrator

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YesAnastasia Thu 16-Jan-14 11:18:04

My baby book will be finished soon and I have a couple of people I want to ask to be involved (but I only want one of them). Real artists.

If When I have an illustrator on board, how do we work together? Is it then out of my hands? Do I own the project and get to reject anything I don't like? Or is it then a joint project and we get have to make decisions 50/50.

I worry about losing control of my work but I also know I need a creative mind to bring to life something unique & unusual but also something I like...

Any advice? Illustrators or writers?

SuzanneUK Thu 16-Jan-14 22:47:57

In effect, you're buying the right to use one or more pieces of the illustrator's work for certain purposes connected with your book e.g. a pic on front cover, another pic on page 4, the same pic on page 28, a different pic on page 7, etc.

The financial side of things can be whatever the two of you agree but it's usual to pay the illustrator half up-front and half upon completion of his/her work. If the two of you agree that you'll only pay if you like the completed illustrations, so be it - but not many artists will take that risk unless the author is a big name and they themselves are a much smaller name and they're really keen to get involved. Of course, most artists do their best to give you what you want but few will risk working for nothing.

The project will remain yours. The artist will get his/her fee and no more but he/she might agree to a smaller fee plus a share of the royalties (but don't expect that to happen). You mustn't use the illustrations in any way or for any purpose other than those agreed with the illustrator.

For your own safety, you must have a contract in which the agreed terms are clearly set down. There are several available for download on the net.

That's the basics, I think.

MrsTenthDoctor Thu 16-Jan-14 23:01:50

Well, that's interesting. Thank you. I was expecting us to work together & both get paid when the book sells. I am clearly out of my depth. I couldn't afford to pay anyone anything...

However, they're family...

schmalex Sat 18-Jan-14 06:00:28

Are you looking to get published by a traditional publisher? Or publish it yourself?

Publishers generally prefer to pair writers with an appropriate illustrator themselves. So you just submit the text, without any illustrations.

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