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Book printing woes

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InMySpareTime Thu 12-Dec-13 19:58:08

I recently published a paperback (a children's stocking filler book). The printer I paid (upfront - yeah, I should know better) said it would take 7-10 working days. It has so far been 17 working days and they haven't even dispatched them yet. I have taken preorders from people wanting them for Christmas, but unless they post them in the next day or two, I won't get them posted out in time.
Does anyone know a decent printers that won't cost the earth but will actually print as promised?

RazaMeTimbers Thu 12-Dec-13 20:17:09

Don't know how many pages but I did somethign similar one year and printed them off as photobooks from or somewhere similar. I just scanned each page of the book like a photo and set them in sequence. Worked out well but I only made about 5 copies. Think it might have been about 10euro/photobook.
Not sure if that's any good to you
good luck with it

InMySpareTime Thu 12-Dec-13 20:48:00

Thanks, but it's largely text, with a few B&W line drawing illustrations, and it only retails at £4.99, so that route would not be economic.

caroldecker Thu 12-Dec-13 21:20:41

go kindle - can put it on amazon as a kindle book

InMySpareTime Thu 12-Dec-13 21:35:14

It's already on Smashwords, I want a paperback version. It's a bit late for this print run, but I have 3 more titles in production, and other authors are writing a further 10 or so titles for the current series which will be 100 titles eventually. I don't want to be stuck with an unreliable printer for future runs, I could do with a company that can turn around simple A6 size books in a week or so, rather than a month or so.

InMySpareTime Mon 16-Dec-13 10:44:54

Just chased up my book delivery.
Got an unconcerned "oh, yeah, it didn't go..."
So they haven't even posted the promised 1/4 of my order (the compromise I agreed so I'd have some hope of at least fulfilling preorders).
My "happy place" seems so far away, if I have to call them again I might just go "Hulk". They don't want to see me when I'm angryconfused.
Day 19 of the promised "7-10 day turnaround" and counting...

InMySpareTime Wed 18-Dec-13 06:49:24

The books arrived!
They said they'd send 30 here and 20 to London, instead they sent none to London and 202 herehmm.
Ah well, I now have 2 more books I can sellsmile.

jellyjuggling Fri 20-Dec-13 13:09:41

I've used blissetts and also stroud print for short runs of the King of Puddings and others. Both reliable, helpful companies.

InMySpareTime Fri 20-Dec-13 17:59:23

Thanks, I'll let my publisher know those.

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