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So What Are My Chances?

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FrauMoose Thu 26-Sep-13 08:02:07

I have acquired an agent. She is lovely and my gut feeling is that she is a good seller. Early last week she sent my MS to some very big publishers indeed. Now I just - just, ha! - have to wait.

I think there is a second, smaller, tranche of editors she will approach if nobody is interested.

Has anyone else here been on this rollercoaster? How have they dealt with it.

Abra1d Thu 26-Sep-13 08:09:50

I have done this now for six years. Sold five novels to UK publishers, but only one via an agent. My third literary agent is now trying to sell a book for me, but even at this stage there are lots of reasons why the book may not sell. I am currently publishing another book in a different genre myself, to avoid having to go through the process again.

It is nervewracking, but you do get used to it. The first time was awful and I was checking email every five minutes.

Best of luck! Here's to a quick sale.

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