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Online Creative Writing course at York - can anyone recommend it?

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Dunlurking Thu 12-Sep-13 21:12:10

I haven't posted in Creative Writing before so Hi all.

I've been bogged down in illness and work for a few years but want to get back to writing again. I'm interested in doing an online course that covers prose and poetry and doesn't assume you have an A level in English Lit. I also want one that has a good online community for discussions of assignments etc. I would have been interested in the OU A215 (have I got that right?) but it looks too much for me to go straight into.

The core module at York here looks a reasonable price but there is very little detail on the website. I would really love to know how it is regarded by anyone in the know.

Dunlurking Thu 19-Sep-13 07:48:47

Just to say that I have registered for the course. It progresses to a certificate over 5 terms if you continue doing other modules. Will post how I am finding it so others can benefit!

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